DU's Latest Recruit May Come With A Bonus

(left) Jarrod Mermis will attend the University of Denver next season as a "recruited walk-on"

Several internet recruiting sites are now confirming that Lincoln Stars forward Jarrod Mermis (5'7-165 lbs) from Alton, Illinios will attend the University of Denver next Fall. It is believed that Mermis is a recruited "walk-on."

Jarrod Mermis has 3 goals and 6 assists for the Stars this season. This is his third year in the USHL and will be yet another recruit with great speed. DU is really loading up on forwards with quick feet in the upcoming recruiting classes. Black & Blue Blog has more info on Mermis' season with the Lincoln Stars.

It turns out that Jarrod isn't the only hockey player in the Mermis family stable. Younger brother Dakota Mermis (5'10-170lbs) is one of the top 16 year old defensive prospects in the country. It is believed that he will join the USNDT-Under 17 Program next season in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dakota will play college hockey in 2012.

Many major college hockey programs will be after Dakota, but it believed that DU will have the inside track enabling the parents to see both sons play on weekend visits. There is even some online chatter that Dakota may have already verbally committed or is about to commit to the University of Denver.

The Mermis brothers would join the Ostrow and Shore brothers as sibling hockey players at DU. There have been several others back in the day.
2010 Recruiting Class
F Jason Zucker (U.S. Under-18)
D David Makowski (Green Bay, USHL)
F Nick Shore (U.S. Under-18)
F Beau Bennett (Penticton, BCHL)
F Dan Olszewski (St. Louis, NAHL)
F Jarrod Mermis (Lincoln, USHL)

2011 Recruiting Class
D Scott Mayfield (Youngstown, USHL)
F Zac Larraza (U.S. Under-17)
G Sam Brittain (Canmore, AJHL)
F Garrett Allen (Fargo, USHL)
D Matt Van Voorhis (U.S. Under-17)
D Daniel Doremus (Colorado Thunderbirds, Tier I)

2012 Recruiting Class
F Tyler Pham (Team Illinios)


du78 said...

You have Dakota listed for 2010 not Jarrod.

Anonymous said...

OK, so here's how I see things...Bennet is Rhett's replacement, Zucker replaces Ruegsegger, Ozzie replaces Vossberg, Shore replaces Gifford, and Mermis replaces Glasser. Makowski replaces Brookwell.

Anybody else see that as making sense?

Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda like when CC brought in Ian Petersen, so they could land Toby Petersen.

Or UND bringing in Ryan Hale, so they could get David Hale.

Bringing in a less talented older brother in order to get the more talented younger brother is not unheard of.

Anonymous said...

Who is replacing chevrie, weircoch and colborne?

dggoddard said...

Nice job on the replacement theory.

Sam Brittian is waiting in the wings for Chevy. However there is a logjam in Florida at goaltender and Chevy may just bide his time and weigh his options next season.

You flat out can't replace Big Joe & Paddy. Losing either or both after this season would be a big blow.

Anonymous said...

Good news. Tell Jarrod to bring a brrom with him for sweeping......

Anonymous said...

As far as Chevy, Colborne and Paddy go...

Chevy, in my opinion, is staying put. Goalie is a position that takes a long time to come around in...no sense wasting his time on a bench in an AHL town when he can be playing better competition with higher intensity every weekend.

Replacing Colborne is tough. With how up and down Boston has been this year, I'd definitely expect him to go. I'd look toward Big Shore to step up a little more assuming Colborne goes.

For Wiercioch...I honestly think his departure hurts the least. Defensively, he hasn't been that great this season. Donovan has more than stepped up to fill Wiercioch's current roll. Both Wrenn and Phillips have stepped it up in the second half, as well. Throw in a big guy like Makowski and you've got a very solid, hard working blue line corps.

Anonymous said...

If Chevy does leave, DU would have an awfully young (albeit talented) goaltending duo next year.

Goaltenders who can do much at this level at under 20 years old are quite rare. Then you consider having TWO goaltenders under 20....

Ralphie said...

Who's the goaltending duo? Murry's all we got if Chevy leaves. I'm surprised Gwoz didn't take a goalie this year with the thought in mind that Chevy very well may bolt.

Anonymous said...

Recruit Sam Brittian.

He doesn't turn 18 until October. Adam Murray would only be 19 next season.

Verrrrry young...

The Nightmare isn't really an option.

Anonymous said...

Brittain won't be on campus until the 2012 season, correct? If MC leaves after this season, we've got Murray and Paulgaard for 2011. Murray needs to step up big time.

Anonymous said...

The Norwegian Nightmare is NOT an option...

Brittain is scheduled to come when Chevy leaves. Could be next season, could be 2011.

Anonymous said...

Behold - The Second Coming! Edward Guinn.... I have forseen it

Anonymous said...

Highly doubtful both Patrick and Big Joe leave. Maybe one, but not both. Quite frankly, neither is ready for the NHL.

Puck Swami said...

Both Wiercioch and Colborne are still in the process of filling out into their adult bodies - both are still on the skinny side for as tall as they are.

Skill wise, both are developing, but when you are as tall as they are, it takes more time.

I think Ottawa and Boston would be smart to let each of them play another year of college, where both could be dominant college next year with tons of ice time. Right now, both show flashes of dominance, but not consistently.

If I am Paddy or Joe, I'd rather spend a year dominating in college vs. laboring in the minors. They get another year closer to the degree, have a great time in college and lead their teams vs being minor league rookies busing around on a AHL grind.

Some guys are ready to take the leap to the pros after a couple of years like Stastny. Others (Carle, Butler) needed three years of NCAA play to make the leap. Some guys leapt too early and never really make it (Skinner, Dingle, Paukovich).

Colborne probably doesn't need the money right now and I think his Dad loves Denver. Paddy's family may be a different sitation.

The big question is what do Boston and Ottawa want for those guys.