FSN - Rocky Mountain Adds DU Sidekick

(above) Tom Helmer & Boone provided the highlights on Friday night

The battle between Fox Sports North & FSN-Rocky Mountain to become the highest rated college hockey network took an unusual twist on Friday night. Boone was brought in by Rocky Mountain to counter Doug Woog at Fox Sports North. The overnight ratings were sensational.


achsdu17 said...

I bet Coombe has been having nightmares of Boone, especially since he's taking over TV.

Amy said...

Nice picture. Boone in the white suit = WIN

dggoddard said...

The text messages started rolling in from across the country when Boone was televised on Friday night.

FSN needs to offer a weekly Boone gig.

"Thanks Alanna for the interview, now here's Boone with the weather." :-)