DU's Expected 2010-11 Roster

Assuming that Chevy goes pro this summer, the Pioneers still have a lot of horses in the barn. DU has 7 premier defensemen, competition at forward, and two goaltenders that have potential. We expect Wiercioch to sign with Ottawa in the very near future.

G       Sam Brittain      Fr.
D David Makowski Fr.
F Jason Zucker Fr.
F Nick Shore Fr.
F Beau Bennett Fr.
F Dan Olszewski Fr.
F Jarrod Mermis Fr.
G Adam Murray So.
D Matt Donovan So.
D Paul Phillips So.
D William Wrenn So.
F Chris Knowlton So.
F Shawn Ostrow So.
F Drew Shore So.
D John Lee Jr.
F Nate Dewhurst Jr.
F Luke Salazar Jr.
F Dustin Jackson Jr.-RS
G Lars Paulgaard Sr.
D Chris Nutini Sr.
D John Ryder Sr.
D Joey Brehm Sr.
D Jon Cook Sr.
F Anthony Maiani Sr.
F Jesse Martin Sr.
F Kyle Ostrow Sr.


Anonymous said...

Losing Colborne sucks, but we have some nice recruits and will probably have more balanced scoring next season.

If we lose Wiercioch, we have plenty of defensive depth. Wrenn showed some flashes of his potential and Phillips came along nicely as the season progressed.

However, losing Chevy would leave by far the biggest hole and bring with it the most questions. Does Murray really suck as bad as he appeared to? Will Brittain be able to step in and contribute immediately? Will the Nightmare have to contribute (oh god)?
We would be left with 2 very young goalies and tNightmare....

achsdu17 said...

I think Chevy stays for his senior year. It's not like goalies in the NHL are in high demand and Florida has a bunch of goaltenders at their disposal at this time.

Aluuum said...

I think we are too quick to give up on Murray. He was only a freshman and didn't play very many games. He came to D.U. with good credentials which were well earned. He was clearly nervous in the games I saw him play at Magness. A nervous goalie is a bad goalie. Next year he should be able to settle in much better.

Anonymous said...

"It's not like goalies in the NHL are in high demand..."

There is always a demand for good goaltending in the NHL. Witness the Chicago Blackhawks. Great goaltending last season allowed them to go deep into the playoffs. They didn't pull the trigger on a trade for better goaltending before the deadline. Oops. Lousy goaltending in the later part of the season (+ poor team play too) means that they will probably be one and done in the playoffs.

There will be an interest in Chevy around the league. It just depends on who he ends up with.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ryder actually a junior in terms of eligibility due to a redshirt?

Anonymous said...

I think Murray is actually quite good. The last few games he's played in, he's recorded over 30 saves in each. That's definitely not a bad stat line.

dggoddard said...

I got the list off the DU website. Ryder only played 9 games in his Freshman year before he hurt his hand. Not sure if he was redshirted but DU doesn't have it listed if he was.

Twister said...

So who wears the C next year? Ostrow?

puck swami said...

DU will have a very experienced D-corps, and if the goaltending is also solid, DU could be in the could be in the NCAA hunt at somewhere between 3 and 56 in the WCHA.

Problems will be up front. DU scored 3.3 goals per game this year with Rock, Reuggs and Big Joe. That figure may drop below 3 GPG next year, unless a bunch of current and new guys really step up.

dggoddard said...

Captain - Probably Ostrow or Nutini

"A" might be Donovan, plus above.

Should be announced by the banquet on April 23rd.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Remind me again what was the deal w/Dusty Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Minus weircioch and cheverie, still looks pretty weak.

Anonymous said...

Jackson broke his leg in practice prior to the season.

Anonymous said...

I think the dark horse candidate for the C would be Johnny Lee.

If nothing else, I'm pretty sure we can rule out Joe Brehm...

Anonymous said...

Nuts sounds like a great choice for captain DG. I think your picks are spot on. Think Martin or Maiani will also get an A.

This is way too early. Here's my projected lineup. I'll put them on lines but it's a total crap shoot (I don't even know who are our centers besides Martin and Shore).

K. Ostrow/Martin/Maiani
Bennett/D. Shore/Zucker
S. Ostrow/N. Shore/Jackson
(Not playing Mermis and Salazar)

(Not playing Makowski, Brehm, Cook, and Weircioch)

Will be interesting. I'm already excited to see the crop of players. I also thought that Murray played well his last couple games of the season. I don't expect Chevy numbers but I think we'll have solid goaltending next year. We always do.

Anonymous said...

Folks have forgotten how bad Chevy was his freshman year with sparse minutes. Even his soph. year, Chevy still struggled in a few early games until he found his stride. I think Murray is going to develop the same way.

One problem with Murray though...his helmet sucks. Get that fucking thunder chicken OFF of there!

Anonymous said...

If Chevy leaves and Murray gets the nod, then the Boone trust fund will paint Boone on the top of his helmet.

Anonymous said...

This team doesn't need more scoring, better goaltending, better coaching blah blah...
It needs more guys who are HUNGRY!!! Hungry to win a title!!!! Guys who may not be on their way to the big show but are willing to play their asses off and play hard for 60 minutes. That's the biggest issue for this program right now.....laziness, complacency. I want a lineup next year that plays hard when it matters!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Dewhurst needs more minutes. I liked what I saw from him in the WCHA Final Five and against RIT. He just needs more playing time. Also, would (and should) we see the brothers play on the same line? I'm thinking chemistry would be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Gwoz has gotta at least try putting the Ostrows and the Shores together. It would be a travesty to not.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had 12 Matt Glassers and 6 Chris Nutinis...those two guys work there asses off all game, every game. That's what we need. We're definitely not lacking in the skill department, just the motor department.

Anonymous said...

The team lineup looks very good to me. I bet a lot of WCHA teams wish the had that depth. Murray will be just fine if he is needed. That remains the big question.

Anonymous said...

having two Nuts is better than one, but I'm not sure I would want six

du78 said...

My "dark horse" for next year is Shawn Ostrow. He was a big time goal scorer in Camrose before injuring his knee his last season there. He is fully healed now and has a year at DU under his belt.

If the "Goal Czar" can get back his scoring touch............

Anonymous said...

Neigh. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a Catch-22. The coaches try to recruit the most talented players to achieve more success and, it could be argued, that a successful program attracts better players. But those more talented players may not be the best players for a program in terms of commitment and may actually be a distraction and adversely impact the cohesiveness of the team. I say if Gwoz wants to win a national championship again, play the guys who will skate through a brick wall for DU hockey and their teammates first and foremost. If Gwoz wants to make DU hockey a rest stop for guys on their way to the NHL, then Gwoz and staff should jump to the AHL.

Anonymous said...

D. Shore should be the next superstar on that team.

Anonymous said...

"Nutes" not "nuts"

Mike B said...

What happened to the rumors that Murray was going home and playing in Alaska? I can understand how he would be discouraged, playing as little as he did, but come on, you're a fresman, dude. I agree with the previous posts regarding the comparisons of Murray to a young Chevy.
Again, I think that it would be a complete mistake if Marc were to sign early. Compare Dubie and Berkie to someone like Bachman. Each of the DU goalies stayed all 4 years, had great careers, and saw some AHL time, but also started a few NHL games their first few years. Then look at Bachman. Jeez, this kid leaves early and pretty much left CC out to dry in nets, and plays most of his rookie year in the pros in the Coast! That is stupid. Goalies truely need a little luck but mostly need an opening the the roster for their position.
Chevy, I beg you, do not pull a Bachman. The money will be there next year.