MacNaughton Cup Leaves North Dakota

(above) The MacNaughton Cup was escorted by police out of North Dakota

WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod said the MacNaughton Cup arrived safely at his Denver-based office Monday from North Dakota under heavy security and will be presented to the Pioneers before or after Friday's game at Magness Arena.

Police were concerned that someone in North Dakota would try to steal the Cup and melt it down.


dggoddard said...

Present the Cup before the game, while CC has to stand there watching.

Its more humiliating that way.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were that many trees in NoDak?

SIOUX 7 said...

We still have the cup in ND.

McCloud is not smart enough to relize we gave him a big shiny colander :)

(He gets easily distracted by shiny objects.)

And yes the picture has way too many trees to be ND. Also they are missing all the snow we still have on the ground.

Anonymous said...

You can tell it's ND by all the Sioux players in the backseats of the police cars!

Anonymous said...

North Dakota has a paved road? WITH a stoplight?!?

What's next, running water and flushable toilets?

SiouxFanatic said...

We still don't got the internets in ND. Heard California has got themselves the internets though.