Springs Columnist Not A Fan Of LetsGoDU

(above) Colorado Springs Gazette columnist David Ramsey won't be sending LetsGoDU any Christmas cards this winter

David Ramsey of the Colorado Springs Gazette sent LetsGoDU the following email (photo below).
In the article Mr. Ramsey claimed Ken Ralph (CC AD) said, “I think far too many coaches are not acting appropriately,” Ralph said. “You see George Gwozdecky running across the ice to yell at an official.”

In an email to DU hockey fans Mr. Ralph denied using Coach Gwozdecky as an example of a coach acting inappropriately.


msbdu said...

Let me think, I've got it! Dave was caught misquoting Ken Ralph. The LetsGoDU Blog followers have your number and we will make sure you are kept honest.

Aluuum said...

This is a good example of when you screw up admit it quickly and get in front of the mess. Instead Ramsey is doing doing the usual denial crap which just makes it worse . Droping the lawyer comment is a poor try at intimidation. He's trying to intimidate the wrong guy when he goes ater D.G.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there was credit given to the CC author when DG posted the article...nobody on here thought that DG had written it to the best of my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that davey-boy ramsey's boyfriend must have walked out on him, hence the angriness.

Ahhh, no more lover-boy nutsack across his forward during late night games.

Just think, his dual order of a carton of KY and a carton of syrup just came in, too...

GO TIGERS!! said...

First of all, I'd like to say that even though I'm a CC fan, I enjoy this blog. The banter between DU fans and the rest of the WCHA fans who visit here is nothing less than entertaining. Keep the antagonistic fires burning.

With that being said, don't get too caught up in what Mr. Ramsey says. As a FORMER subscriber to the Gazette I have read many of his columns. On many occasions I have noticed mistakes of facts and other questionable statements that left me shaking my head. The Gazette in general is not a quality newspaper. Their biased slants and blatant omission of facts is at times comical. There have been several times when I've read one of the articles, having prior knowledge of the incident, wondering if they even interviewed anyone who would have the proper facts.

Anyway, sorry about the rant but take what Mr. Ramsey with a grain of salt. Keep up the good work and GO TIGERS!!

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty obvious that Ramsey has zero credibility and should be serving smoothies rather than writing for a paper.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Unfortunately, he is right.

It has nothing to do with attribution to the author (which was given), but instead with reproducing the entire article rather than quoting snippets of it. A lot of bloggers do this without recourse (certain WCHA bloggers included), not because it's legal, but because they don't have enough readers to get noticed.

Perhaps Mrs. Swami could provide us with her expert legal opinion on the matter?

ScottA said...

1) misquote source
2) threaten litigation on unrelated issue when challenged

What is this, the National Enquirer?