Ramsey Responds To CC's Athletic Director

(left) Colorado Springs Gazette columnist David Ramsey responded to LetsGoDU about quotes attributed to Colorado College Athletic Director Ken Ralph


I spoke with Colorado College athletic director Ken Ralph yesterday about his assertion that he had been misquoted. I told him I had a typed transcript of our conversation and reminded him that it was him, not me, who brought up George Gwozdecky. I had to do some research to find out when and where George took his walk across the ice.

After our conversation, which was friendly, Ken Ralph agreed the quote was, in fact, accurate.

I take accuracy seriously. I’ve never met a journalist who didn’t take accuracy seriously. I’ve covered CC hockey for seven seasons. Coach Scott Owens and I have had our disagreements about my opinions – that’s inevitable – but he has never questioned my accuracy with facts or use of quotes. The same is true of my working relationship with Air Force’s Troy Calhoun and Fisher DeBerry and many, many others.

Ken Ralph’s quote about Coach Gwozdecky was accurate and was taken in context.

And, no, I’m not going to talk to any lawyers about this incident. And for those who have commented on earlier posts, I appreciate all your thoughts and observations about my work. Those observations were good for a few laughs.

Thanks for this opportunity to clarify this matter,

David Ramsey
Sports Columnist
The Gazette of Colorado Springs


achsdu17 said...

Even during the offseason, I just love how LetsGoDU just keeps stirring the pot.

dggoddard said...


I just want the truth. :-)

Aluuum said...

I think D.G. should travel to the springs and arm wrestle Ramsey.The best two out of three wins. The loser buys the beer for the winner and all of us witnesses.

Anonymous said...

More shotty journalism Ramsey!!!... Gwoz's "walk across the ice". Makes it sounds like he was up to shenanigans. Everyone knows he was trying to find the locker room ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened or what was said or what... but my opinion on the matter is eff CC.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey may take accuracy in reporting seriously, he just chooses not to practice the method in his writings.

Anonymous said...

Does Dave Ramsey exfoliate??