CC's AD Ken Ralph Responds To David Ramsey

(left) Colorado College's Athletic Director Ken Ralph responded to Colorado Springs Gazette columnist David Ramsey this evening

From: Ken Ralph
Director of Athletics, Colorado College

It is my understanding that a quote attributed to me in a recent article has caused concern with members of this group [DU hockey fans]. My response when asked to comment in recent e-mails was to respond that I did not believe that quote was correct. The author of the article, Dave Ramsey, insists that the quote is accurate and should be attributed to me. He reminded me that during our phone interview he was the one writing things down and taking notes, not me. On this he is accurate, I did not take notes during our interview so I have no defense as to what I did or did not say during our exchange.

In preparing for the interview, I knew the question of Scott Owens's bench demeanor would be called into question. Mr Ramsey has criticized him before for being too passive on the bench. In speaking with people in the department prior to the interview we talked about several coaches with loud bench demeanors, most frequently mentioning Frank Martin (BB coach at Kansas State). Mr Ramsey called about 15 minutes early and I left this conversation to take his call.

Mr Ramsey did indeed ask about Coach Owens's bench demeanor. My recollection is mentioning Frank Martin but Mr Ramsey insists from his notes that I mentioned George at that time. That is true as well but the context and initiation has me confused. What made me think that the quote could not have been accurate is the description if the incident. As I remember it, George mouthed the words "really?" when he realized he'd been ejected, walked across the ice to speak with a linesman, and then walked back across the ice to the bench and eventually the locker room. When I saw the words "race across the ice" it didn't look right because that is not how I remembered it. I may be wrong. I only saw the tape once and that was a year ago. That being said, Mr Ramsey insists that his notes are accurate as to our conversation. Since I do not have any notes, I'll have to take him at his word. Since, from Mr Ramsey's notes, I made such a statement, I alone must bear the brunt of any criticism. I am willing to do that.

What this teaches me is that I should ask to see any copy of my quotes that will be used in future newspaper articles prior to publication. That is my fault. In my heart I do not believe that Mr Ramsey would ever intentionally misquote someone. I have seen him enough and read enough of his work to feel this way. That being said, in the future I will ask to see what quotes of mine will be used in future articles. I believe that Mr Ramsey is reasonable enough to accommodate such a request. He is a professional and would want accuracy at all times.

I hope everyone understands by now the deep respect I have not only for George but for the entire DU staff. They have done the toughest thing in sports, not only build a championship program, but also maintain it.

Everyone should be talking about the tremendous season the Pioneers just accomplished. Earning more than 40 points and the MacNaughton Cup this year when the WCHA was at the top of its game is an amazing accomplishment and should be celebrated. Both fans bases should be proud that year after year each school manages to put a highly competitive team on the ice, allowing us to have this wonderful rivalry. Certainly we are both fortunate to have outstanding coaching staffs and vibrant fan bases.

Also, please know that I will speak with George personally about this situation as I do not want anything to put a rift in our relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I appreciate your passionate support of the DU program. I'm already looking forward to November 5th when the Tigers will head to Magness to renew our rivalry.

Have a wonderful summer.



Ken Ralph
Director of Athletics
Colorado College
(719) 389-6945


Anonymous said...

I hate CC as much as any other red blooded Pioneer, but I have to admit that that was one classy, classy letter.

puck swami said...

I think the truth is probably lurks somewhere in between Ken Ralph's recollection and David Ramsey's interview notes.

Ken Ralph is not a stupid guy and would pobably not have said what he said had he known how the quotes would be contextualized as they were.

That said, Ken is also likely being a little naive to think that seasoned journalists such as Ramsey are going to show the quotes to him before they print the story. No good journalist does that.

Ramsey has a point of view as a coloumnist was likely looking for his angle here, and I have no doubts that he worked the situation to his advantage to get Ralph to say the quote that Ramsey wanted.

The fact that both guys are eager to get their story straight on this DU fan blog is a testament to the popularity of this blog, and both men trying to preserve their public integrity.

Anonymous said...

around what month will the 2010-2011 schedule be released?

ScottA said...


(shouldn't an AD have press interviews down to a science?)

Anonymous said...

Well, I tend to belive that Ralph never said such a thing. The old motto in the media world "If it bleeds, it reads" tends to always discredit any publication. Ramsey is a toad with no class.

dggoddard said...

What's it going to take for me to put Ramsey & Ralph back together? A candle-light dinner at Carrabba's, a night of ballroom dancing at the Broadmoor? It breaks my heart to see these two kids slinging mud at each other.

I like Ramsey's college hockey articles. The fact that CC fans hated Kate Crandall (former CC beat writer), sent hate emails to Chambers and don't seem to like Ramsey, well maybe the problem isn't the media.

Anonymous said...

(shouldn't an AD have press interviews down to a science?)

With 1 D-1 sport that hasn't won a championship in 53 years, he probably doesn't do as many pressers as other AD's. CC is a D-III School.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ralph writes a nice letter. He could have a bright future in POLITICS.

puck swami said...

Ken has learned a lesson here as he was likely rooked a bit.

In politics, the journalists don't show you your own quotes before they run them in publication, either.

Trev said...

How about that ... very classy.