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DU Alum Joe Colborne likes Boston College to beat the Badgers.
The North Dakota Board of Education voted to remove the Fighting Sioux logo from the University of North Dakota. The Ralph Englestad Arena general manager Jody Hodgson said, "The Sioux logos are staying in the building." Someone needs to donate some "Boone" marble to the foyer of Magness Arena.
Most common question asked of DU fans at Ford Field yesterday? How the Hell did you lose to R.I.T.?


achsdu17 said...

Ya know I hate North Dakota more then another other team, but I do feel a bit sorry for them to lose the nickname Fighting Sioux. Mainly because I look at our fight to bring back Boone and the politically correct crap that has been dished out to us left and right. Then I see the same crap being pulled on them.

Goon said...

ASCHSDU17, you hit the nail on the head this is what happens when Political correctness runs amok by hand wringing do gooders.

Also, while DU is one of our "heated rivals" I wear the DU tee-shirt that DG game me with respect because it's a proud symbol of the past that has been removed by pointy head morons that think they know better than everyone else.

Amy said...

It's a shame that this country is so politically correct. They'll always be the Fighting Sioux to me. Any idea what they will be called now? Or will they have an "arch" like we do?

dggoddard said...

I think they'd be smart just to go with the "North Dakota" without a logo or a nickname for a while.

Supposedly they were forced to get rid of the "Sioux" to get into the Summit Conference which explains this timing.

If they don't like the Conference, perhaps the tribes could bring the nickname back later.

Aluuum said...

They now have a vacuum just like we do .We succeeded in killing the chicken,a big step, and now have no rival to contend with in eventually officially seating Boone.
If the Sioux fans stay strong with Sioux,which they will, they also will get that proud logo back.They are a respected rival who are now immersed in the same political crap that we are.
D.G.,we should send some kind of signal to them of our support and encourage them to stay the battle.

Boonetown said...

How about "The Fighting Whoooo". They could have a lame owl for a logo just like the lame whatchamacallit logo we have.

ScottA said...

Was asked no fewer than 5 times on Fri and Sat in Detroit-- "How did you lose to those guys?" A serious black eye for the DU hockey program. That said, RIT fans are great!