Spanky's & LetsGoDU To Host Parking Lot Party

(above) LetsGoDU & Spanky's Roadhouse on East Evans will co-host a Pregame Pep Rally on Saturday, Oct. 23rd

For the past month the management over at Spanky's Roadhouse, several DU alums and students have been working together to host a pregame party in October. Agreeing on a mutually beneficial date and securing a permit from the City of Denver were just two of the obstacles to overcome.

We were able to secure the Permit today for Saturday, October 23rd before the DU-Wisconsin game.

The party will be held in Spanky's parking lot and will feature outdoor grilling and fun hockey related activities. Budweiser, Coors, Red Bull and other possible companies have been contacted about sponsorship. We're going to be working for the next month on building and promoting the event.

Keep reading LetsGoDU and we'll keep you updated on the party. We hope to host other events at local restaurants throughout the season.


Amy said...

Sounds Great! Can't wait for hockey season!

Anonymous said...

The kid on the right looks like she has a FUPA.