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(above) This picture taken last night shows Boone on the back of Sam Brittain's mask

Keeping a tradition alive that began with Peter Mannino, both Sam Brittain and Adam Murray have Boone prominently displayed on their masks this season. We'll try and get a picture of Adam Murray's new mask ASAP.
Speaking of DU's goaltenders, Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has an article about the goaltending situation this weekend and Gwozdecky's plans for them this season.
In case you missed it in Chamber's Blog on Friday, Senior Dustin Jackson (illness) and sophomore W Chris Knowlton (unknown) did not play this weekend. Also scratched was sophomore William Wrenn, who had a hamstring injury.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to see you were able to get a picture of Brittain's while you could. I'm not sure you'll have another chance anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

based on last night, I hope you are correct. He was simply put, bad

dggoddard said...

The only goaltender in recent times who was dominant as a Freshman was Mannino. Peter was a 21 year old Freshman, so that had a lot to do with it.

Brittain and Murray are going to rotate unless or until one clearly is better than the other.

One area where Lethridge was clearly better than most college teams that DU will face this season was burying open shots. Their players were cool as a cucumber when given time and space.

Brittain will be an All-American before its all said and done.

dggoddard said...

Sounds like Wrenn might be starting the season a little slowly.

Off season hip surgery probably affected his off-season conditioning, which undoubtedly led to the hamstring issues.

With DU having 7 solid D-men, hopefully they'll bring him along gradually to start the season. DU will need to count on him to be strong at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

There were a couple comments left by a poster who went to a few practices before these games. Basically said that Murray was terrible and Brittain was our man.

Interested to hear this person's opinion now that we've seen them in games.

Brittain might eventually be the man, but Murray definitely looked sharper this weekend. I would like to see them rotated for the first several weeks and see where we stand after that.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Sunday game, seemed to me that Brittain is plenty quick, he might have been nervous, but he had a lot of trouble with rebounds. Not controling the rebounds from his blocked shots just killed the guy. -- chase

Anonymous said...

I hope Brittain pans out. DG's comment is on mark about it taking awhile for most keepers to get going.
But I sat behind him for 2 periods last night, and he just got flat out beat a few times. Also poor job on rebounds and dealing with traffic. Hopefully he gets his game on quick, or else it could really be a tough season. But since we haven't started yet, lets be optimistic, maybe it will turn out well

dggoddard said...

Denver is one of the few schools in college hockey with a full time paid assistant who primarily coaches the goaltenders. Its why the top goaltending recruits come to DU.

The one thing that Cheverie, Murray and Brittain share is height. You can't coach that.

Chevrie 6'3 183 At DU

Murray 6'2 200

Brittain 6'3 210

Anonymous said...

Sam was out of position on quite a few of those goals. You can look at the roster on paper, listen to Jay Stickney describe him, even watch the games on TV or internet - but until you get to a game... you just don't realize that's he's he's SO F-ing big. Once LaLonde gets a hold of him, I'm convinced that Sam will be a great player at this level. It's almost as if, all he has to do is stand there and let people & pucks bounce off of him. If he doesn't make it as a goalie - I highly recommend he pursue a career as a Bouncer.

vizoroo said...

I' don't think Murray had Boone on his mask last year. Now he does. Obvious conclusion, that's why he is better this year. :-}