DU 4 CC 1 Final

The University of Denver hockey team defeated Ccolorado College 4-1 tonight on two power play goals, one even strength goal and an empty net goal late in the game. There was no scoring in the 1st in a period that featured a fairly even game with 13 shots by each team.

DU built a three goal lead in the 2nd period including power play goals by Anthony Maiani and John Lee. Luke Salazar added an even strength goal right after John Lee's power play goal.

The third period was scoreless until late in the game when Stephen Schultz scored a power play goal for CC. Jason Zucker added the empty netter with 9 seconds left in the game to ice it for DU.
Three Stars
First Star: Sam Brittain (Denver)
Second Star: Luke Salazar (Denver)
Third Star: Matt Donovan (Denver)
Box Score

1st Period

2nd Period
[05:12] GOAL by DEN Anthony Maiani (FIRST GOAL) (POWER-PLAY), Assist by Matt Donovan and Beau Bennett
[15:52] GOAL by DEN John Lee (POWER-PLAY), Assist by David Makowski and Luke Salazar
[16:25] GOAL by DEN Luke Salazar, Assist by Jason Zucker and Drew Shore

3rd Period
[14:49] GOAL by CC Stephen Schultz (POWER-PLAY), Assist by Rylan Schwartz and Gabe Guentzel
[19:51] GOAL by DEN Jason Zucker EMPTY NET GOAL, Assist by Drew Shore

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Anonymous said...

There should be FOUR stars for this game, because you know who really played like a madman tonight, was the younger Ostrow boy, Shawney. Man he looked wicked.
Fifty Seven still rules... and CC still sucks. That win was for Mr Martin....good job, men!