"The People's Banner" Delivered To Jesse Martin

(above) The Banner was unfurled in Jesse's hospital room on Saturday

Less than 12 hours after the last signature was collected in Magness Arena on Friday night, DU student Zeke Perez presented the banner and other gifts to Jesse Martin and his family at Regions Medical Center in St. Paul this morning. Perez spoke to the Jesse and his family and they were very appreciative of all the support.

Perez gave the Banner, a Gift Basket from the DU Student Senate, a printed collection of "Best Wishes" written by college hockey fans from the USCHO.com internet message board, a "Get Well acrd" from the DU Pep Band and a "Pioneer Nation" T-shirt worn by all the students on Friday night.

Jesse was in good spirits but tired easily from the medication. Zeke is on his way back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. He'll be attending the DU-CC game in World Arena tonight, so if you want a firsthand report on his trip, come down to the Springs and cheer on DU [Section 215].

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Banner signing, volunteered or provided financial assistance.

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dggoddard said...

The Banner is hanging in Jesse's Hospital room.

Its good that the doctors and nurses that enter Jesse's room know that there are a couple of thousand people that will be watching Jesse's back if he gets anything less than excellent care.