DU Recruit Garrett Allen Traded In USHL

(left) DU recruit Garrett Allen has benefited from a change of scenery in Chicago

From: Fargo Examiner

Two weeks ago 2011 DU recruit Garrett Allen was traded in a two team USHL deal. Allen had been a big part of the Fargo Force team that went all the way to the Clark Cup Finals last season. Allen was traded to the Chicago Steel in exchange for defenseman Ian Young in early December.

So far the deal has worked out pretty well for Allen. In four games with the Steel he has two goals, two assists and is +1.

Allen scored 24 goals and 42 points in 60 regular season games last year. He also netted six goals and picked up 10 total points in 13 playoff games last season. This season, his point total has dropped to only three goals this year.

Young, a Missouri City, Texas native, scored twice last season and had 14 points in 31 games with Chicago. This season, Young has taken his game to a new level by scoring one goal and adding nine assists for 10 points in 20 games.

Allen is a University of Denver commit and Young is committed to play at Colorado College.


msbdu said...

Someone please tell me why anyone with half a brain would want to go to CC. It makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

Each team gets 18 scholarships. It seems pretty simple to me.

puck swami said...

CC is very good at what they do - an intensive liberal arts experience where the students go in-depth with one course at a time, read a ton of books and write a lot of papers. The CC students who have worked for me have been excellent problem solvers for the most part, and they access a wide range of intellectual training to do it. I'd say they are more intellectually curious than the DU students who have worked for me, and their writing skills tend to be a notch above DU as well.

That said, the DU kids are also quick to the solution, and they have tend to have a wider and deeper social skill set which can sometimes makes up for the lack of depth. The DU kids seem to have a better balance of work intensity and life enjoyment. They also tend to work better in teams, are better public speakers and have more business savvy.

Bottom line is that both schools turn out fine students who can add value in different ways.

Aluuum said...

Swam-- That's an excellent ,"on the ground", analysis of the difference between D.U. and C.C. students.

Twister said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel as though I get smarter and more educated after reading Swami's posts. Swami, any though to writing a book?

Chris said...

I recently had an opportunity to work closely with CC grads and with DU grads in an artist and musician colony, throwing shows and such. The building is owned by the DU grads but run by the CC grads. The DU guys surely have the business savvy but had no clue as to how to approach the music and arts people on a personal or arts-related professional level. The CC people served as sort of the buffer zone to which the artsy types could relate.

The most interesting part was that once the available studios were rented out and once the DU people thought they had achieved the needed personal relations, they dropped the CC people -- only to fuck it all up and cause revolt amongst the artists. Upon realizing they were f'ing up their multi million dollar investment, they went crying to the CC people to help ease relations. This put the CC people in a rather good position to get paid more than when they were let go.

That's my only experience working closely with both sides and it was clear that the CC guys had better problem solving skills and better personal relation skills in this type of setting, though the DU guys had much more money.

DU/CC Dad said...

Well said Swami. I have a son graduating from CC next week and a daughter graduating from DU in May. Both are smart kids with different skill sets. CC was a perfect match for my son while DU was a perfect match for my daughter. The CC approach is not for everyone but is fabulous for those that can excel in the block plan format. That format would have driven my daughter nuts.
Needless to say DU/CC hockey weekends are pretty entertaining for the 3 of us.

Anonymous said...

I think msbdu was talking about hockey players, not the general population. CC is obviously a very good school if you are interested in liberal arts.

As with Mike Testwuide, I'm sure that most hockey players go to CC because they first call DU and get the unfortunate news that DU does not have any scholarship money to offer them.

Obviously, DU doesn't always choose wisely since Mike would have been a very nice addition to the Pioneers.

msbdu said...

Thanks Anon, I was referring to playing hockey at CC. I can see for instance, why Bachman chose CC over DU. It was evident that Chevy was going to be the starting goaltender. I was thinking of Mike Testwuide and why he decided to go to CC.

CC does not have a winning history, no arena. If a player wants to move into the pro's, it makes sense for him to go to a winning progam.

Anonymous said...

CC is a better choice than Canisius or AIU... They may suck but it's still the WCHA.