Denver Post: DU Eyes Firmly On Grand Prize

From: Denver Post
by Mark Kiszla

There's a rumbling in the gut of the hockey monster created by DU coach George Gwozdecky. And there's only one way to feed the beast: Win another NCAA championship.

"The countdown clock has started for the postseason," Gwozdecky said Saturday.

The Pioneers' 5-1 defeat of Alaska-Anchorage sent 6,033 fans home happy but left the only person who really matters thoroughly unimpressed.

"We need to work on some things between our ears to avoid playing with the disinterest and lack of passion that we showed at times in this game," Gwozdecky said. "I certainly think when we crank it up and we're interested, we're pretty good" [rest of article].


puck swami said...

Kiszla is probably the second most important columnist in Denver after Woody Paige. Anytime he even mentions DU, its a bonus, let alone a full column. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap. DU needs to win another title.