DU Vows Revenge For Springs Debacle

From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

For a rugged and proud defensive specialist with deep Colorado roots, University of Denver senior Chris Nutini treats the Pioneers' 9-2 loss at Colorado College on Nov. 6 as an unwelcome keepsake.

DU has lost only once in its past 16 games since being blown out at the Colorado Springs World Arena, but Nutini isn't forgetting that memory. The Centennial native and Pioneers assistant captain wants to remember that loss until he helps DU make up for it by winning the Gold Pan awarded to the season series winner between the teams [read rest of article].


Anonymous said...

Not only a great challenge for the Seniors; but a chance for the Freshmen to make a statement too, with goals-scored. C'mon boys ~ this one's for j-Mart!

achsdu17 said...

Let's remind them who the bitch is in this relationship. That tiger needs to be chained up and made our gimp again. :P

57 CC! 19 Freakin 57!

msbdu said...

I have been going to DU CC games for over 40 years and one thing has never changed


In 1957:

1.)The Ford Motor Company introduces the Edsel on what the company proclaims as "E Day".

Last time CC won an NCAA championshipt

Anonymous said...

@ msbdu

What's a championshipt? How many championshipt's does DU have?

@ achsdu17

bitch? gimp? Do you have daddy issues or what dude?

msbdu said...

Anon 10:06

They don't offer typing classes at DU, only at CC

Twister said...

I expect DU to come out smoking this weekend. Everyone should be well rested after the bye and ready to take CC to the woodshed and atone for the 9-2 disaster. It's the stretch run in the regular season, and DU should be ready for battle. I expect a 3 or 4-point weekend for the Pios.

Anonymous said...

@ msbdu

Surely you have to be able to read to attend DU? Wait…do you? Never mind…