News & Notes From Around Pioneer Nation

Colorado Avalanche center and former DU star Paul Stastny had a goal and an assist on Sunday at the NHL All-Star Game.
DU Alum Rhett Rakhshani had a goal and three assists in the Eastern Conference's 11-8 win over the Western Conference in Monday night's AHL All-Star Game in Hershey, Pa.
The Colorado Springs Gazette says that Colorado College sophomore goalie Joe Howe is hopeful he can play this weekend against DU despite suffering a knee injury Saturday night against North Dakota. He still hasn't skated since the injury occurred.
The DU Lacrosse team received a commitment from Joe Gigantiello a goalie from New Jersey. Gigantiello, a junior in high school will come to DU in 2012.
DU's jump into the Western Athletic Conference earlier this year has not exactly been a rousing success. Hawaii immediately jumped ship and recently Utah State and San Jose State tried to join the Mountain West Conference but were rebuffed.


Anonymous said...

It appears as though DU is the Yale of the west....

Record vs. ranked opponents

1. North Dakota 10-7-1 (.583)
2. Minnesota Duluth 5-4 (.556)
3t. Minnesota 5-5-2 (.500)
3t. Nebraska-Omaha 4-4 (.500)
5t. Colorado College 4-5-1 (.450)
5t. Denver 4-5-1 (.450)
7. Alaska Anchorage 4-9-2 (.400)
8. Bemidji State 4-7-2 (.385)
9. St. Cloud State 1-6-2 (.222)
10. Wisconsin 1-7-2 (.200)
11. Minnesota State 2-10-1 (.192)
12. Michigan Tech 0-13 (.000)

Record vs. unranked opponents

1. Wisconsin 18-1-1 (.925)
2. North Dakota 9-1-1 (.864)
3. Denver 12-0-4 (.875)
4. Minnesota Duluth 12-1-3 (.844)
5. Minnesota State 9-1-5 (.766)
6. St. Cloud State 10-6-1 (.618)
7t. Colorado College 11-7 (.611)
7t. Nebraska Omaha 10-6-1 (.611)
9. Minnesota 6-5-1 (.542)
10. Alaska Anchorage 4-4-1 (.500)
11. Bemidji State 5-6 (.455)
12. Michigan Tech 3-7-3 (.346)


Anonymous said...

Wow, 2 ranked teams since end of October.....Impressive.

dggoddard said...

Clearly DU needs to schedule more unranked opponents. :-)

Anonymous said...

Definitely an interesting analysis...thanks for taking the time (even though you appear to be a DU hater). Did you have to manually do this or is there a link where you can automatically pull this stuff up?

Although, I don't really read too much into the record vs. ranked opponents. One, there's really no separation between #2 and #5. Two, as the previous poster stated, DU has only played 2 ranked opponents since October (I know it hasn't been many so I'll take his word for it).

DU is a very young team that is relying heavily on under-classmen to put up numbers (although, the upper-classmen have started to light it up too). Being that DU played pretty much all of its tougher competition to begin the season, it makes sense that they started out a little slow while the new guys were finding their game.

I'm really interested to see how this team stacks up against the "best of the best" now that we've had a pretty long stretch of success playing against lower ranked teams.

du78 said...

The addition of UNO and BSU to the WCHA is part of the reason that DU is playing fewer ranked opponents this season. Those 4 games could have been league games against UND, UMD or WI whom DU only faced twice each this year. When DU plays UNO in a few weeks they may or may not still be ranked as they are down to #18 in the USCHO poll. They face CC this weekend who is ranked 20th. Conceivably DU could be 8-5-1 against ranked opponents by the end of the regular season.