Want To See More DU Lax Coverage In The Post?

It wasn't that long ago that many feared for the future of mainstream media coverage about DU hockey in the Denver Post.  The Rocky Mountain News disappeared overnight and there was some thought that without competition the Denver Post would retrench its coverage of "niche sports."

Luckily Post coverage of DU hockey has literally exploded thanks to Mike Chambers, his editors and his blog.  It happened because readers hit those articles, left comments and LetsGoDU has driven readers to their site.

Now our burgeoning Lacrosse program finds itself in a similar position as hockey several seasons ago.  We need to channel our energy to building college lacrosse coverage in the Post.  A couple of thousand hits in Chambers most recent posting about the DU Lacrosse Program and leaving comments will ensure more coverage.  Its up to you.


dggoddard said...

Hitting Chambers Blog and leaving comments helps get feature stories in prime position in the Post. The sports editors definitely track the numbers and the comments to gauge interest.

Compare the coverage DU hockey gets in the Post versus what the Gopher hockey team gets in the Star Tribune. DU gets far more by a wide margin, plus the Gophers no longer have a beat writer.

Anonymous said...

you really are brain dead aren't you Lamian