Mark Kizla Profiles DU Lacrosse In Splashly Editorial

(left) Mark Kiszla has a great editorial about the DU lacrosse program in Sunday's Denver Post

by Mark Kiszla

See those dudes smacking each other with sticks? They're building the American dream.

If you believe the USA is the land of opportunity, then the University of Denver made the dream come true by choosing the path less taken by picking up a lacrosse stick rather than strapping on a football helmet.

DU will make lacrosse history today, when it becomes the first school on the more beautiful side of the Mississippi River to host an NCAA Tournament game [read entire article].
"You invest in lacrosse because it's good for school spirit . . . and the growth of lacrosse is stark-raving crazy."
- Bill Tierney


dggoddard said...

Probably the best article ever written about DU lacrosse.

Anonymous said...

Probably the only article wriiten about DU lacrosse

Anonymous said...

This encapsulates why DU is special. Great piece.

Anonymous said...

Yes...very 'splashly'