DU Invades Sioux Country To Recruit Gage Ausmus

Gage Ausmus
East Grand Forks may be in Minnesota, but its only a short drive across the Red River to the campus of the University of North Dakota.  So it was a pleasant surprise to read in the Grand Forks Herald that the University of Denver had received a 2013 commitment from recruit Gage Ausmus [6'1 200 lbs.].

Ausmus will spend the next two seasons playing for the U.S. National Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Just last week DU received another commitment from Connor Chatham who will be a teammate of Ausmus for the next two seasons in Ann Arbor.

Ausmus is described as a shutdown defenseman who can handle the puck, makes outlet passes and gets the puck out of the zone

So how did the Pioneers land this elite defensive prospect?  One clue may be former University of Denver captain Judd Stauss [1998-01] who is from East Grand Forks, MN and volunteered his time with Ausmus' bantam team in recent seasons.

According to the Herald, Ausmus selected DU for several reasons. “I’m very excited. I love the town [Denver] and I’ve always kind of wanted to get away from East Grand Forks and try something new, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Ausmus selected DU after visiting UND, Minnesota-Duluth and Minnesota.
2011 Recruiting Class
D Scott Mayfield (Youngstown, USHL)
F Zac Larraza (U.S. Under-18)
D Joey LaLeggia (Penticton Vees, BCHL)
F Larkin Jacobson (Janesville Jets, NAHL)
D-F Wade Bennett (Wichita Falls, NAHL)
F Matt Tabrum (Omaha, USHL)
D Josiah Didier (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
F Daniel Doremus (Sioux Falls, USHL)
G Juho Olkinuora (Sioux Falls, USHL)
F Ty Loney (Youngstown, USHL)

2012 Recruiting Class
F Tyler Pham (Indiana Ice, USHL)
D Dakota Mermis (U.S. Under-18)
D Matt Van Voorhis (Sioux Falls, USHL)
F Garrett Allen (Unknown)
D Nolan Zajac (Cedar Rapids, USHL)

2013 Recruiting Class
F Brad Hawkinson (Lincoln Stars, USHL)
F Landon Smith (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
F Connor Chatham (U.S. Under-17)
D Gage Ausmus (U.S. Under-17)

2014 Recruiting Class
F Jared Fiegl (Colorado Rampage, U-16)


dggoddard said...

Its not often that DU lands two USNDT players in the same recruiting class, much less two USNDT commitments within one week. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll start seeing other teams in the newly-announced league will also be noticibly stepping up thier recruiting efforts in the next 12 months, all positioning and provisioning towards 2013 and beyond

Anonymous said...

As an 'analyst' of college commits covering 2006 into those projected to play in 2014, the 'trend' is earlier and earlier. The overall D1 timing average for def'men has moved up 6-9 months over the past two years... Also, as a scout of '95s, the difference between Gage A. and the same birth-year Def'man comitted to UND is NIGHT and DAY! (and great news for DU!)

dggoddard said...

Interesting comments. I'd agree that the NCHC teams will be looking to reverse the trend of elite USA players defecting to major juniors.

So far DU's 2012 class look to be smaller "waterbug" type players, while the 2013 & 2014 recruits project to be big guys when the reach campus.

BooneDogg said...

USCHO had an interesting article about the recent wave of defections... glad that hasn't happened at DU, those teams lost some very good players

Twister said...

Impressive pickup for DU. I'm enjoying hearing about these new recruits!

On another note, a pretty good source confirmed that Dusty Jackson is back for DU this season. Haven't heard anything about Ryder.

Anonymous said...

And on another note, has anyone heard from Jesse Martin this summer? Thee was talk of him perhaps playing again. Whether that means messing around with a stick and puck after team practice some time with like Ryder, Jackson or whoever here in Denver, skating recreationally back home when he's not working.... or whatever - I hope we get updates from him occaisionally. Whoever gets the #14jersey better understand that what number signifies to alot of people

vizoroo said...

Twister, both Jackson and Ryder are on the 2011-12 roster.

Twister said...

I thought Ryder had already graduated with his bachelor's and was looking to take a 5th year of classes? Didn't he have a medical redshirt?

Anonymous said...

Ryder broke his hand or knuckle his freshman year, only appeared in 8 games and was granted a hardship year that he can take advantage of this year.

Twister said...

Makes sense. I just thought Ryder and Jackson were in the same boat in terms of graduation and needing a 5th year of classes in order to play hockey.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Quentin Shore and Seth Jones?

Anonymous said...

Yeah; Little Q will be back here for the October 7th warm up game, but he'll be playing on the other side, playing for the Under-18 USA team. Can't wait for that. You know between 3 brothers, they'll be throwing some hits on each other - regardless if it's a pre-season game or not. I'd like to know if and when the last time was when they all skated together competitively??? Possibly never. I bet all 3 wind up with bruises that they'll be laughing about on Christmas eve at Mom's house

Anonymous said...

if ryder's taking classes he should be good to go. i don't think it matters whether he has graduated or not.

du78 said...

I believe both Ryder and Jackson will be grad students this coming season as they have both earned their undergraduate degrees. Dusty had not originally planned on going to grad school so he had to get his entrance exams and acceptance taken care of this summer. Ryder had planned on playing his 5th season and had done all of that earlier.

Arleigh said...

As an East Grand Forks-residing, lifelong Grand Forks area Sioux fan and family friend of the Ausmus' I was dismayed to learn of this horrible case of a local making such a ghastly mistake. Then I came to my head and realized they can't all stay at "home", can they?

Gage is a good kid and great player - I hope he does well in Denver, and manages to sneak some green & white in there under the DU colors once in a while! Enjoy his talents folks!

Anonymous said...

Ausmus isn't the first Grand Forks player to come to DU. DU has had a few from the Grand Forks area over the years - Forward Dave Hanson in the 1980s, Mike Markovich in the 1990s, Judd Stauss in the 2000s. There are probably others, too.

Anonymous said...

Watched him play hs hockey last year and this commitment by DU is embarrassing for there university this kid is literally joke

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ alright buddy cause you probably never even played the game before