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Mike Chambers Blog reported last week that DU will once again host a Pro Camp, Aug. 22-26 at Magness Arena & Joy Burns Arena. DU’s assistant coaches run drills for the professional hockey players. Afterwards the coaches leave and current Pioneers join the pros for a non-contact, no-referee scrimmage. The camp is open to the public and free.
Former Pioneer Brock Trotter's career has had its share of twists and turns, but he now has a shot to make the Montreal Canadiens NHL roster.  SB Nation has a pretty interesting article about where things stand for Trotter.
DU Alum Bryan Vines begins his second season as an assistant coach at RPI under former Pioneer assistant Seth Appert.  The RPI Website has Bryan's bio.
Alum Nate Rohnert, who played for the University of Denver men's basketball team from 2006-10, will play for Denain ASC Voltaire in France this season.
DU soccer alum and goaltender for D.C. United, Joe Willis, was named Rookie of the Week by Soccer by Ives Blog.


Ring_of_Fire said...

Another note...

It sounds like, despite several media assertions to the contrary, Notre Dame has no intentions of announcing its future conference plans at the currently occurring CCHA annual meeting.


My thoughts:

Though trumpeted by some as a logical resolution to all of this, I don't think independence is a realistic option for Notre Dame. Given the Pairwise system that rewards participation in a conference playoff, there is simply too much left to chance for a team with Frozen Four aspirations year in and year out to play an independent schedule and give up all of those RPI-improving conference tournament games.

Plus...this isn't football. Notre Dame can't count on special treatment from the selection committee just because they're Notre Dame.

The three options remaining on the table appear to be: (1) stick with the remnants of the CCHA and be the undisputed big fish in a rapidly shrinking pond; (2) join a decidedly "middle-heavy" Hockey East and wind up with an inflexible conference schedule, but have multiple games each year in a region that's concentrated with Notre Dame alumni and fans; or (3) join the NCHC and have a flexible conference schedule, but face what could be meat-grinder of a regular season schedule with no easy wins on any given weekend.

While I don't believe for a moment that Notre Dame will altruistically gather the remaining teams in the CCHA into its protective fold and champion the conference's way into the future, at this point, I honestly have no real feeling as to what The Irish will do. Sure, as-of-yet undetermined TV deals are undoubtedly playing a part here, but I really think there is some internal disagreement in South Bend as to the best future home for the hockey team.

My personal suspicion is that the marketing and administration types under The Dome are pushing for Hockey East and the exposure that comes with playing conference games against teams from east coast population centers; while the hockey folks are pushing for the competition, flexibility, and recruiting muscle that playing in the NCHC brings.

Time, of course, will tell who wins...

dggoddard said...

I'd agree with all that, but its also possible with all the conference turmoil in the Big 12 and the resulting fallout, that Notre Dame had bigger issues to worry about besides hockey.

Aluuum said...

Notre Dame will join our conference along with Western Mich. it will be a joint commitment . they are in dialogue as we speak.
The hockey east teams of Merrimac, Northeastern, Providence, U.Mass Lowel, and U Mass. Amherst are turnoffs for yearly comitments by Notre Dame. Both the C.C.H.A. and The W.C.H.A. are now watered down conferences. Notre dame has no where else to go.
Western mich has made a major doller commitment to a big time coach and their recruiting budget because of their intentions to ramp up and join with N.D. This will be a major improvement for our conference, both by getting Notre Dame and also by ramping up to an eight team conference. Six is minimal acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the questions, but there has not been a press release yet from Univ of Denv regarding Lassonde. Is this truly a done deal? Any chance he'd be here next week for the Pro Camp? Or, that LaLonde would participate? That basically leaves Steve Miller, and perhaps Dave Carle to "run" the pro camp. Would any of the ECHL boys from the Eagles' be invited?? Ulanski might come down & skate? Can incoming freshman go to this thing?

Ring_of_Fire said...

@ Anon 5:04:

Yes. Lassonde's hiring is official.


As far as his schedule for the pro camp, I would expect that he will at least be on campus (the incoming freshmen will arrive in less than two weeks)...but I can't speculate as to the level of involvement he will have on the ice.

LaLonde, if he's not in Green Bay, will definitely be there.

With regard to your other questions:

Invitees: Keep in mind that the invite list for this thing is essentially "any pro hockey player who's around that wants to skate...all the better if you have a connection to DU". As such, if Ulanski and the boys from the Eagles want to, I'd imagine they would be more than welcome.

Incoming Freshmen: No. At least, they can't be part of the pro camp. Neither can returning skaters, since the sessions are run by DU coaches and that would violate NCAA rules. However, DU players who are in town (which, by the time the camp rolls around will be essentially everyone) will be allowed to participate in the unsupervised scrimmages at the end of each day.

Anonymous said...

Maiani signed with the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

And not nessecarily by choice. He was a trade from Wheeling. Not many 4 year commitments at that level, Anthony - only sign a month-to-month lease on an apartment. Not a bad team to be traded to though. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Eagles do in the ECHL after thier greatness in the CHL. Stop by Magness when you can!!