DU's 2011 Recruiting Class Ranked In Top 9

(above) Scott Mayfield is pictured on CHN's Top Recruiting Classes article
College Hockey News listed the top recruiting classes in college hockey.  CHN did not numerically rank the classes, but the University of Denver was listed along with eight other schools.

DU was led by incoming Freshman Scott Mayfield, Joey LaLeggia, Zac Larraza & Josiah Didier.
2011 Freshman Class
D Scott Mayfield (Youngstown, USHL)
F Zac Larraza (U.S. Under-18)
D Joey LaLeggia (Penticton Vees, BCHL)
F Larkin Jacobson (Janesville Jets, NAHL)
D-F Wade Bennett (Wichita Falls, NAHL)
F Matt Tabrum (Omaha, USHL)
D Josiah Didier (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
F Daniel Doremus (Sioux Falls, USHL)
G Juho Olkinuora (Sioux Falls, USHL)
F Ty Loney (Youngstown, USHL)
G Zack Hope (Hill School, PA. HS) [JR.]


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you - The New York Islanders hockey club is very very interested in Scott Mayfield. They will be following his college career, game by game, probably closer than any other daftee they picked up this year. If SM progresses they way he should in the next couple years at the NCAA level - I can promise you, he will never see his Senior year at Denver.

Ring_of_Fire said...

@ Anon 1:53....

Good stuff on the Islanders' intentions with Mayfield.

However, to be fair, nearly every college player picked in the first 2 rounds of the draft will leave college before his senior year.

Unfortunately, the reality of the CBA under which the NHL operates is that it pays to get your draftees into your system as soon as possible...whether they're ready for the NHL or not.

For a good example of this, see: Wiercioch, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

You guys will be lucky if Mayfield sees his Sophomore year

Anonymous said...

Anything new on Notre Dame? I thought we were supposed to hear a decision this week?

Anonymous said...

No one expects to retain highly drafted players for more than a year or two, but far better to recruit them to college than not at all. The best players want to go where the other best players are, and even the lower drafted, and undrafted players want to be with the best possible players.

In other words, the Mayfields attract more Mayfields in the future. You can't win with a whole team of Luke Salazars...You need top level talent every year just to have a shot at it...

dggoddard said...

Adam Wodon of College Hockey News wrote on Wed., "Something [about Notre Dame] could be announced, though, within a matter of days."


vizoroo said...

Let Donovan make the Isles before they come for Mayfield. :-}

Ring_of_Fire said...

@ Anon 3:01...

Despite tons of speculation, precisely NOTHING official has come out of South Bend since Jackson's announcement that: (1) ND was considering both the NCHC and Hockey East; and (2) television issues were the main consideration remaining "in play".

So, short answer: No. Nothing new on Notre Dame.

Now...my speculation:

For geographics, recruiting, and competition reasons, the hockey contingent at Notre Dame WANTS to be in the NCHC. But, the marketing folks are not hearing what they believe they need/want to hear regarding television rights.

Hockey East is, apparently, more willing to play by Notre Dame's rules regarding television, which is appealing to the marketing people; but those on the hockey side of the equation in South Bend do not see Hockey East as a particularly attractive home.

I've said this before, but in the end, I believe this disconnect between the hockey people and the sales/marketing/"university development" people at Notre Dame is what's holding up the process.

The hockey folks want the NCHC. The money folks want Hockey East.

Since Hockey East can't change the hockey side of things, it's likely up to the NCHC to decide whether or not it wants to capitulate to Notre Dame's demands on broadcasting rights and revenues.

We will, of course, see what happens....

Anonymous said...

The NY Isles in general, need a very bright future, to get them through the present. They got denied a deal for a new arena this summer, they made good moves in the draft and some front office changes, and I think they've turned the corner even for this coming year, which you'll see in the standings. And the affiliate teams in thier system, I believe, will also get better - sooner than later. The perfect example of a "rebuilding" mode

Anonymous said...

Has Guertler made a decision? Remember someone saying we are the favorites to land him. Any recent news?

vizoroo said...

Guertler goes Gopher