ROOT SPORTS Announces DU Hockey TV Lineup

ROOT SPORTS™ announced today that it will broadcast seven regular season DU hockey games, seven men’s basketball games and one women’s basketball game this coming season. This marks the 11th consecutive year, and 18th season overall, the network has been the official television partner of the Pioneers.

ROOT SPORTS’ DU hockey coverage begins Friday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. MT when the Pioneers host last year’s national champion, Minnesota-Duluth. The Pioneers’ television schedule also includes a game against in-state rival Colorado College on Friday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. MT. In total, six WCHA match-ups will air on the network. 
2011-12 DU Hockey Broadcast Schedule

Fri., Nov. 4 - Minnesota-Duluth  7:30 pm
Fri., Nov. 18 - Nebraska-Omaha  7:30 pm
Fri., Nov. 25 - Princeton  7:30 pm
Fri., Jan. 13 - Bemidji State  7:30 pm
Fri., Feb. 3 - Colorado College   7:30 pm
Sat., Feb. 11 - Minnesota  7:00 pm
Sat., Feb. 25 - North Dakota  7:00 pm


dggoddard said...

DU will also have road games televised against CC, Wisconsin and possibly one of the Boston games. Also the Pioneers should make the WCHA Final 5 which will be televised.

Seven home telecasts is down significantly from last season when 12 games were televised.

20 DU hockey games were televised in 2009-10.

DU hoops is cutting into our hockey coverage.

Anonymous said...

DU will also get a couple of Versus Games to go with the other games DU mentioned.

It's not just DU hoops cutting into to hockey - I think Root Sports may be banking on higher ratings from other college basketball telecasts.

DU's local fan base realistically is probably about 10,000-15,000 people.

Anonymous said...

From a time-slot standpoint, only one of the Roots DU hoops TV games conflicts time-wise with DU hockey game times, so timeslots aren't the issue.

My guess is that its a combination of higher rated general college hoops games is more attractive to Roots Sports from a ratings standpoint the college hcokey

It costs $20,000-30,000 per game to produce each of these events, and I am sure that DU is subsidizing the telecasts to make up for the shortfall in ad revenue.

Since there are only two more DU hoops games than last year, perhaps the drop in hockey telecasts may my coming from a drop in overall subsidy from DU...

Donald Dunlop said...

Good job that DU went NCHC otherwise ROOT might have only broadcast 6 games.

The move is already paying off!!! WOOT.

Anonymous said...

I guess one way to look at it is, maybe DU thinks the people who stayed home and watched last year's home games will buy game tickets this year - "off the couch and into the rink"! I don't care about home games being on TV, because we go to all the games, unless the weather is really nasty. What kills me is the away games. I will not pay for the Pioneervision, because I've been screwed too many times. Never ever works when you want it to. Every Friday when they're on the road, I start out at about 4pm, all gung ho and determined to see them or hear them play. I'm like a NASA Scientist, using aluminum foil and coat hangars on my Grandma's transistor radio, trying to pick up a staticky/scratchy Jay Stickney from that crappy strength radio station they use here; or then searching the internet or Dish Network for any hopes of TV coverage. Usually, towards the end of the 2nd period I'll finally get something... but by then I'm liquored up and I fall to sleep and read about it the next morning on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Donald the Queen of Butt-Hurt is at it again. Just accept that your team got dissed and take your seroquel...

Donald Dunlop said...


The essence of being Butt-Hurt in this situation belongs entirely to DU and UND. There can be ZERO doubt about exactly who is Butt-Hurt and it ain't me jack.

Do just a little bit of research and you'd find that on many occasions in the past I stated hopes that one day UAA would not only have UAF in it's conference (it does now) but that programs who didn't want UAA in the conference should leave.

A bit more recent research on your part would teach you that in addition to cheering for a Butt Hurt program your remote blogger has offered a plethora of hilariously manufactured spin and lies regarding the supposed rationale for the new conference. At every step he has failed.

My comment here was a dig at him and those actions. Making fun of DG does not equal being Butt-Hurt; it equals much jocularity for those of us who aren't ignorant.

dggoddard said...

Q: When do you know you have a great college conference?

A: When fans of the schools omitted are obsessed with your SUPER Conference.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Donald

Maybe seroquel won't turn the trick on it's own. Methinks it might be too long since the last chemical change in your igloo toilet, adding in that chemical chapping can't be good when you consider that you are already suffering from BUTT-HURT syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Really? That's it? Lazy bums. "ROOT Sports: your home for the Pioneers... when we have nothing else to do instead." This is pathetic.

Tim in Los Angeles said...

It's easy to determine the local TV fan base for both sports - just look at the ratings book.

HOWEVER - Ms. Doppes, the DU hockey team has a national fan base. Does the athletic department talk with the Business College? Does the right hand know what the left is doing?

Today's technology allows for DU to secure national advertising dollars and better Pioneer "vision" production values. Utilize your national alumni base to its advantage.

dggoddard said...

DU needs to tap into its alumni base to secure the advertising necessary to broadcast more hockey games.

Think outside the box, rather than the traditional sponsors who support athletics.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings on this. It is a pretty weak TV schedule, however DU will probably benefit by more butts in the seats with less home games being on TV.

I'm just waiting for the day we can get more road games on TV, that would make me happy.

Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have any TV at all. Most college hocjey programs don't have it.

The only programs that might get paid for TV are Minnesota and North Dakota - everyone else loses money on college hockey.

Anonymous said...

Last year I asked Alanna Rizzo why they didn't pick up more DU hockey games. She said that they wanted to but DU would only allow a limited number of games. Most likely to bolster attendance.