Students Get Early Jump on Hockey Season Tickets

(above) These guys set up on Thursday afternoon
LetsGoDU will be publishing photos all weekend from the DU Student Season Ticket Campout.  Two enterprising students set up on Thursday afternoon, easily the earliest start on record.

Tickets go on sale for students on Saturday morning at 8 AM.

There will be live entertainment, a prize cart driving around, games/fun events and competitions and even some local vendors handing out samples -- even the Red Bull Girls are coming out for the party!


Anonymous said...

who does that on a Thursday night? Seriously...

4 eyed Zebra said...

WOOO HOOOO your first inline! Now use the tickets and actually show up for a game, the student section is 1/2 empty most games unless it's CC or UND as an alum and season ticket holder, its pathetic