Get The Latest Officially UnOfficial Mascot Shirts

(above) Sweatshirts & T-shirts are available
This season when you're trying to decide what to wear to your favorite DU sporting event, consider the latest in Boonewear Apparel.  What says, "Sure, I love DU, but I wish the Chancellor would listen to the People and make Boone the official mascot" more than these elegantly simple designs.

These shirts are the only shirts officially endorsed by the Boone mascot.  All proceeds will pay for Boone's trip to Alaska this winter [Jan 27-28] to give those stupid UAA Bloggers a piece of his mind.  Get ready for a Donald meltdown.

Look for Boone on Saturday night before the game at the BBQ.


Anonymous said...

Any word on how to get the merchandise if you live out of town?

dggoddard said...


miller said...

Get ready for the meltdown, that happened years ago.

Brett said...

If I still live in Denver, where/how can I purchase this gear?

dggoddard said...

They will be at the pregame BBQ on Saturday night.

Boone is also setting up a website that will accept credit card orders.

There will also be shirts available at Boone's Tavern next Saturday afternoon from 2-4 PM before the CC game.