Happy Thanksgiving To PioNation

(above) If you are going to prepare your own bird first remove the head of the turkey
(above) A nice table cloth can put everyone in the holiday spirit
(above) Say a prayer for those less fortunate since 1957
(above) Don't forget about our troops serving around the world


Anonymous said...

We Pio fans have a lot to be thankful for:

1) A top 10 hockey program

2) 2 perfect 4-0 hoops programs (m and w)

3) A final four lax program

4) Winning programs in most of the other DU sports

5) Improving school spirit

6) A 3.4 athletic GPA

7) A 90% graduation rate

8) DU NHL pros like Stastny, Carle, Bozak, Butler and Colborne

9) No police incidents with our athletes (knock wood)

10) 1957

Anonymous said...

I always think about student athletes on Thanksgiving, many of whom are away from thier families and spend the day with team mates, room mates or Billit families. There's about 80 college hockey players in Denver today....and only a handful are "home" with hier families... wishing all of them a great day as they prepare for tomorrow.

mexico said...

@ anon 11:26

+1 except for the Canadians and Communists

vizoroo said...

Great job, dg.
And Happy Thanksgiving to all.