If You Can't Fire The Band - Fire The Coach

Dianne Murphy
Former University of Denver Athletic Director Dianne Murphy has been in the national spotlight for the past week. After she unsuccessful tried to ban the university's band from the final home game of the season on Saturday, she turned her attention to the school's football coach.
From: NY Daily News
by Andy Clayton [a DU grad BTW]

Norries Wilson didn't get much time to celebrate his first win of the season on Saturday. Less than 24 hours after Columbia earned a double-overtime win over Brown, the Ivy League school fired its head football coach.

Columbia announced the move on its website Sunday morning.

"Making a decision of this nature is always difficult," Columbia athletic director M. Dianne Murphy said. "That said, in order to achieve the goals that we have set for the Columbia football program, we believe that it is necessary and appropriate to make a change in leadership at this time."

Wilson, the first African-American head coach in Ivy League history, ends his tenure with a 17-43 overall record (10-32 in Ivy League play) [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Murphy should hire the Columbia Band to coach the football team. Columbia is undefeated since the band gave the team a "pep talk" last weekend.

Aluuum said...

Murphy should take the firing mechanism up one more level and resign. She was a control freak disaster when here at D.U. and it looks like nothing has changed.

dggoddard said...

As Joel Maturi is discovering in Minnesota and Dianne is discovering at Columbia, football is a beast.

Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad she is out of here