Bad Boyz: Boston University Star Arrested

(above) BU's Corey Trivino scored a goal against DU earlier in the season
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Boston University senior and Hockey East leading goal scorer Corey Trivino was arrested Sunday night and charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery.
According to the police report, the incident began when a female Resident Assistant heard residents of a room being extremely loud. The RA went to the room to tell them to quiet down, and Trivino followed her back to her room and pushed her door open, the report states. She said in the report that she told Trivino to go back to his room, but instead he allegedly started kissing and groping the victim. The victim told Trivino he was being inappropriate and should leave her room, and he left, according to the police report.

A few minutes later, Trivino allegedly returned and was banging on her door. The RA opened the door slightly and Trivino tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away, according to the police report. The RA said in the police report that she told Trivino "You need to stop," and "You need to go." Trivino allegedly cornered the victim by her desk and attempted to kiss her as she pushed him away, the police report said. She said in the police report that she managed to get him to leave at that time and she then texted a friend for help.

Trivino then returned a third time and banged loudly on the door, according to the report. The victim said in the report that she needed to open the door as part of her RA duties. Trivino allegedly forced his way in again and tried to kiss her, then sat on her bed, took his shoes off, said he would sleep there that night and laid down.

At that time, the RA called the Resident Director of the area, the police report said. When Trivino heard her on the phone with the Resident Director, he put his shoes on and ran out of her room, the police report said, and then the Resident Director told the RA to call the BU police.

According to the police report, "a very intoxicated male" got on the elevator with the police responding to the call. The male identified himself as Trivino and identified his room number as that of the RA, the police report said, at which time he was arrested.
Trivino, also charged with two counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime and one count of assault with attempt to rape, is no longer a member of the hockey team, head coach Jack Parker said in the article.

Back in May 2010, Trivino was suspended for an alcohol-related incident before the Hockey East semifinals and missed time at the start of the 2010-11 season.   He also missed part on the 2010 season with a broken leg.

Trivino had 13 goals and 17 points in 15 games this season and ends his Terriers’ career with 73 points in 112 games. He was drafted by the New York Islanders in 2008.


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He might want to see if Hakstol will take him.

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Update on Trivino

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Going back three times to the same RA? How drunk/stupid is that?

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