DU Alum Patrick Wiercioch Seriously Injured

From: PressConnect.com
by Joy Lindsay

Binghamton Senators (AHL) defenseman Patrick Wiercioch was transferred to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse on Saturday after spending Friday night at Lourdes Hospital.

Wiercioch, 21, suffered a serious throat injury when he was struck by a puck during the B-Sens' game on Friday. He was in stable condition at the time of the transfer.

"The update on Patty is he's in good hands," B-Sens coach Kurt Kleinendorst said. "At some point, we are going to transport him to Syracuse just to see a specialist. But I know he's doing well. I know he's stable. They've got everything under control. Honestly, still don't know quite what the extent is. But he's in really good hands, and I know he's doing well."

After Saturday's 5-2 loss to the Norfolk Admirals, Wiercioch was on the B-Sens' minds.

"I know that we all care about Patty," Kleinendorst said. "I know that we all have him in our prayers. But how much it affected us ... I hope we didn't dedicate this one to Patty, because it would have been a shame. But any time you have a teammate that something like that happens to, it can't help but affect you in some way."

Wiercioch's teammates are waiting for news about his condition and hoping for the best.

"It's tough whenever anything like that happens," goalie Mike McKenna said. "Some guys in the room have never played with anyone who's been injured in a way like he was. Some of us have -- guys who have been around longer probably have a better chance of it. From a personal standpoint, we play the game, and we often forget about the risks that are associated with it.

"He's been on our minds the last couple nights, but once play starts, you're into the game, and it just tends to go away. Once the game's over, your mind goes back to it. We're all anxiously awaiting an update to see how he's been doing."


dggoddard said...

Best wishes to Patrick and his family.

From Puck Daddy, "Trent McCleary had an on-ice tracheotomy in 2000 after a slap shot hit him in the throat and, most recently, the unfortunate incident that saw 16-year old Kyle Fundytus die after taking a puck to the neck during a Midget AA game in Edmonton last month."

vizoroo said...

Hope good news will soon be forthcoming. Get better, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

All of the reports on Patrick's condition seem a bit hazy. It makes me worry that it really is pretty serious.

Get well soon, Mr Wiercioch!

old pio said...

Pulling for you, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

There's a video on youtube. The camera is panning away right as it happens and you see it from a bad angle - but you get the jist of it. Ouchie.

Anonymous said...

Horrible news about Patrick. Wish him the best and a speedy recovery

Amy said...

Thoughts and prayers go out to Patrick and his family.

Anonymous said...

Read some internet chatter that Patty may have had a tracheotomy performed before leaving the arena. The report doesn't seem to be confirmed, as confirmed info is scarce to nonexistent.

vizoroo said...

Hockey is infamous for not disclosing injuries, but some sort of update seems appropriate by now.

Had read somewhere he was on a "breathing tube" at the hospital that night, but hadn't heard about a trach.

vizoroo said...

Patty released from hospital.

Anonymous said...

At least his has left the hospital. Obviously till some pretty tight lips over this. The Sens' statement was pretty, uh, bland and didn't really say much.


This guy claims that the B-Sens' trainer "will be a real hero" once the full story comes out.

dggoddard said...

This whole saga sounds terrible for Patrick. Glad to hear that he may be out of the hospital.

dggoddard said...

“The Binghamton Senators confirm that Patrick Wiercioch has been released from the hospital. Wiercioch has returned to his home in Binghamton where he will focus on recovering.”