Tweets From Around PioNation-Kate Upton Edition


Anonymous said...

Hey Gwoz,

MagnessMan thinks Zucker's poor performance and selfish play are hurting the team. He recommends benching him.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with fans like MagnessMan stating their opinion. People like you have ZERO hockey knowledge, and no opinions of your own. So all you can do is criticize others' opinions. Why don't you actually contribute to the dialogue, fool?

Zucker had a MONSTER game vs. CC. It was great to see. I, for one, would like to see him chirping a little less on the ice. Someone's gonna hack him in retaliation, and we'll lose him for the season.

In any case, congrats to Jason for his selection to the USA camp. Have fun, represent, and don't get injured!

Anonymous said...

DU is sitting at 6-5-3 on the season and #21 in the Pairwise.

Our next 12 games are against Bemidji (x4), St. Cloud (x2), Union, Air Force, Alabama Huntsville (x2), and Anchorage (x2).

The final 10 games are 2 game series with CC, Minn, Wisc, UND and UNO.

If we go 10-2 (optimistic) in our next 12 we'll be 16-7-3. If we split our last 10 series (realistic) we will finish the regular season at 21-12-3.

Not that I'm getting overly worried (yet), but DU is beginning to get its back against the wall. 21-12-3 would most likely barely put us in the tournament. One more loss and we could be on the outside looking in. Especially considering that the WCHA inter-conference record is not nearly as positive as it has been in the past which affects the RPI calculation.

The next 12 games are of the utmost importance for our playoff hopes. Any losses here will have to be made up in the brutal finish to our schedule.

Anonymous said...

Zucker's having a good year and kudos for being selected to the World Juniors Team again. He did have a monster game against CC. He does need to keep his cool as opponents are learning he's easy to tick off and get dumb penalties. We need him on the ice not in the sin bin.

dggoddard said...

If DU goes 8-2-2 in the next 12 games that will be OK with me.

DU will also have a best of three playoff series that will have Pairwise implications at the end of the season as well.

Anonymous said...

8-2-2 would probably be sufficient, assuming a first round win in the WCHA playoffs. Either way, it does illustrate that DU needs to start taking care of business and winning.

Basically every point is important from here on out and we need to get them why the getting is good.

Don't wait until the fourth quarter to try and get them back. Tebow isn't walking through that door.

Anonymous said...

Bozak is swingin' for the fences on Kate Upton.

Twister said...

Even though DU is hovering around
.500 thus far, I feel pretty good about this team, especially given the state of flux in goal and the number of freshman getting significant ice time. This team probably needed time to gel. That said, it's time for DU to start stringing some wins together, especially on the road. Since the game 1 victory aginst BC, DU has yet to win a road game. There are 4 straight road games before the break. After the break DU has tough series against UAA, UW, and UNO on the road.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the good efforts have been nice to see. But the only thing that counts from here on out are the W's. Gotta start stringing some together right about now. (Funk Soul Brother)

Anonymous said...

Every once in while MagnessMan may say something that shows that he really doesn’t understand hockey all that well. So what? He’s still a nice guy. And he’s not some ass trying to become pals with the all CC fans.

Anonymous said...

And he's against the Penn State cover up. Smarter than some of the DU fans that post on USCHO or that were banned from posting such crap.