Monday, February 06, 2012

Brendan Loy Recaps Saturday's Hoops Experience

(above) DU students storm the court

Brendan Loy has been blogging about the University of Denver basketball program for the past year and a half.  His recap contains many cool photos of the student section and his article is a must read.  Check it out.


dggoddard said...

Probably one of the best articles on a DU athletic contest you'll ever read.

The takeaway here is that you can't just sit on your ass and hope that students in this day and age will show up. You have to work hard to give them a great game day experience and if you do that consistently it will pay dividends.

Anonymous said...

I love the quotes:

There were “hundreds of drunk kids” out there pre-gaming

“I think there may be an actual student section today…”

No one was more excited or emotional than Bradley-Doppes, the vice chancellor (essentially Denver’s athletic director). “It is amazing what [the student section] did today,” she said, “being the sixth man on the court, but also branding our university on a national platform.

vizoroo said...

Have to admit, never thought I would see a DU basketball game with as many students and spirit.

anonevermore said...

Good article, Brendon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We're # 89

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story that shows how a team, students, administrators alumni and fans can come together to build a shared experience. When that team came out of tunnel with flight song blaring, I knew we'd win. And when the student section charged the court to celebrate, there were tears of joy all over the place. Seeing students lifting their team is the best part of college sports.

Great job Brendan. Your words captured how a lot of Pioneers felt on Saturday.

Dunker said...

Terrific article. Thanks!!

Brendan Loy said...

Thanks, everybody!

I'm not actually a Pioneer (I'm an Irish Trojan - USC undergrad, Notre Dame law - who "adopted" the DU men's basketball team last fall), so I'm honored that you'd say I captured how a lot Pioneers felt. That said, I do think I felt a little slice of it, especially when the team made its entrance through the tunnel and the fight song started up. Great stuff.

The name is actually Brendan, by the way, with an "a." But you're in good company misspelling it (if you consider MSNBC good company). :)

Pioneer Man said...

We're glad you 'adopted' us. You are an honorary Pioneer as far as I am concerned, as you were there reporting for us well before there was a bandwagon. As one of the better bloggers on the 800 Games Project, you also bring a great perspective on the mid major basketball world that most Pio fans are still learning about.

Keep it up!

Brendan Loy said...

Thanks! :)

andrew said...

I'm glad he mentions the rope, because I had been thinking the exact same thing. Whose bright idea was that? Hopefully there were some lessons learned by the school after that game.

Anonymous said...

The rope is actually a pretty good idea. First, is delayed the court rush by a few seconds to allow MTSU players to leave the court. Second, it made the court rush a little more dramatic. And finally, it allowed the school to say they "tried" to stop the charge (wink, wink). The only downside was the potential for trampling....