Colorado College Missed Out On Hometown Recruit

John Ryder
From: Colorado Springs Gazette
by Brian Gomez

DU defenseman and crowd favorite John Ryder would have considered Colorado College. If the Tigers had considered him.

“I was not recruited by CC at all,” Ryder said. “They didn’t give me any looks.”

The 2007 Rampart High School graduate, a defenseman, carries no regrets about a five-year career with Denver in which he has appeared in 128 games and been around for 116 wins, four NCAA Tournament berths, a Western Collegiate Hockey Association regular-season title and a WCHA Final Five title. He has played just 15 games in a redshirt senior year, recently returning from a fractured left kneecap that he suffered in November.

“When you play for Denver, you don’t like CC,” said Ryder, who will graduate with two degrees in the spring. He added, “Everybody knows those games are at a different level. No matter how each team is doing, they’re big games. And I try to play at my best.”


Anonymous said...

DU has ALWAYS been more willing than CC to give the Colorado Springs kids a shot.

DU is almost always willing to give the Colorado kids a chance.

A feather for DU's cap for sure and a knock against cc's program, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they sure seem to look at him now, especially during game prep meetings. John has left a lasting impression on a number of CC players over the years. Specifically, the next morning after the games. Boy - Brehm & Rycroft woulda' crapped thier pants if Rides' woulda went to the Tiggers LOL

Anonymous said...

It goes both ways. Richard Bachman is from Highlands Ranch, and is now in the NHL. DU went with Chevy instead.

Don't forget Mike Testuide, who DU would not offer a scholarship to - he ended up terrorizing us for years.

DU's best ever Co. Springs player is probably Luke Fulghum, a key member of the 04 and 05 title teams.

Anonymous said...

Bachman and Testuide are the exceptions for CC though not the rule. Denver consistently has had numerous CO players on the team, CC does not. This year alone DU has 3 Colorado Springs natives and several others from surrounding Denver areas.

anon-i-mouse said...

...and Bachman wanted to come to DU but the Pios wanted Chevy...

DU has 7 Colorado-born players, cc has 1 and he is their 3rd string scrub-a-goalie while our 7 are all pretty much key contributors including 2/3 of our top line.