The Land Shark Starts In Goal Today

"I haven't even bothered to look at the Pairwise. We're in it to win it this weekend."
- George Gwozdecky
Finns Up.  According to Mike Chambers of the Denver Post, Finnish goaltender Juho Olkinoura will likely start between the pipes this afternoon against Michigan Tech.
Thursday - WCHA Final 5
#3 DU vs #10 Michigan Tech  1 PM MT
#4 UND vs. # 5 SCSU  6 PM MT
 TV: Root Sports-Rocky Mountain, FCS-Central, FSN-North


1984 said...

From the UAA Fan Blog yesterday -
Don't bother commenting here. I'll delete it every time regardless of content.

You just became that guy...

EABOD said...

the dementia is starting to take hold of princess dunlop

dggoddard said...

Donald is free to do what he wants on his blog. He does a great job considering all the losing seasons UAA has had to endure. So props to him for keeping the blog going.

People are free to comment about me on this blog.

But when people start assuming the identities of our regular posters or attack our regular posters, its not cool.

I've had to delete comments recently and its getting tiresome.

EABOD said...

he really doesn't like you huh?

DU/CC Dad said...

Anderson is calling the game today...AAAARGH!!!?!?! He always has to make the game about him.

Loney scores early for DU!!!

Twister said...

Sounds like a mediocre 1st period, as Tech had the better legs and pressure.

DU/CC Dad said...

DU better in the 2nd but they haven't been able to solve Robinson (Tech goalie) yet...he's having a great game. Git er dun boys...Go DU!

Twister said...

Looking like another OT game.

Has anyone else had trouble streaming 102.3 on their computer. I heard the pre game and most of the 1st period and then completely lost the signal and haven't had it since.

DU/CC Dad said...

Pretty goal by Salazar to tie it up and put the game into OT...git er dun...Go DU!