Mike Chambers Blog Has Injury Updates

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has injury updates on Jason Zucker, Chris Knowlton, Beau Bennett, Paul Phillips, Josiah Didier and David Makowski. For those of you keeping score at home that's a quarter of the team.

DU will leave for Green Bay on Wednesday morning.


dggoddard said...

So it looks like the power play will be retooled with Makowski & Bennett or Zucker playing with the Shore brothers and Joey Leggs.

The WCHA is a meat grinder.

miller said...

Sounds like we are the skating wounded. Haven't heard much about Knowlton's injury or his projected return.

Agreed, the WCHA tourament is always a risk.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's always a good idea to retool the power play by adding people who have not played in 3 months.

You don't win this time of the year with a retooled power play. You win by playing solid defense, that includes not giving up 3 goal leads and/or not allowing 50 shots in 3 periods.

Sounds like desperation mode in DU land.

dggoddard said...


Gwozdecky Resume
2 NCAA Championships (2004 & 2005), Twice NCAA Coach of the Year, Four Time WCHA Coach of the Year, Twice CCHA Coach of the Year, 3 WCHA Championships & 4 WCHA Playoff Championships

Anonymous Resume
Trolls on LetsGoDU and watches two hockey games a weekend.

Anonymous said...

DG, he shoots...HE SCORES

Anonymous said...

Does "scoring" include 50 year old alumni buying drinks for college girls until they are too intoxicated to know any better?

BrianJ said...

hey i can be anonymous too, but i choose to stand by what i say and not hide because i can while being online.

sounds like someone is jealous because the girls at the games dont accept your drink offers. sorry im not sorry. sucks to suck.