Original Denver Boone To See Mascot In Annapolis

Doug Hirsh
DU alum Doug Hirsh was the original Denver Boone from 1968-1970. He  helped rally student support at both basketball and hockey games.  During his four years at DU Bill also played lacrosse with DU hockey legends Keith Magnuson and Craig Patrick.

The DU Special Events Committee held a contest in the fall of 1968 to find a nickname for the new DU Mascot.  Steve Kiley, a junior mass communications major, won the contest with the "Denver Boone" title. Doug volunteered to help out the effort and soon became the first in a long line of Denver Boones.

This weekend Doug will travel from his home in Massachusetts to watch DU play Loyola in Annapolis.  Denver Boone will be there and it should be a great reunion between the original Boone and our latest mascot.


Garrett said...

Talk about a lucky charm to have in the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Two lucky charms.

We're going to be playing at Navy in front of 20,000 mostly Marylanders following the three other Maryland schools (Loyola, John Hopkins and U of Maryland).

We're going to need a little luck.

Anonymous said...

Someone around here needs to get a f##king life.....just saying.

Daddy is allowing just a little too much computer play time.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious....the loser that's trolling on another team's blog is suggesting that someone get a life. IRONY!

Yep, DU will need a little luck. But I think Tierney will have them as well-prepared for this game as any team could be. Let the chips fall where they may.

Great visibility for DU on ESPN2, as well.

Anonymous said...




No wonder that DU edumacation is so ekspensiv - the teechurs have to deal with peeple like us.