Video: Indy Film About DU-Duke Lacrosse Game

(above) A short 1:20 film by Elevation Video
Film: Make Or Break
Produced: Chris Lewis
Shot & Directed: Jon Stevenson
Additional Camera: Andrew Tomasini
Watch In HD:


Anonymous said...

Might be the best 1:20 of video I've ever seen of a DU sport. NFL films quality.

Someone pay these guys to film all DU event!

old pio said...

Outstanding. "Shove it down their throat." Yeah, baby.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

Made me want to suit up for Tierney right now!

Proud to be a Pioneer!

Anonymous said...

Watch this in HD on the biggest screen you can find...
Then pump-up the volume and shake the room with it!


dggoddard said...

If I'd know the boys from Elevation Video were at Mile high that day I would have invited them to film the Beer Pong matches in the RV at the pregame tailgate.

SquidInMyShorts said...

Still worried that Mark Matthews is gripping his stick to tight.

dggoddard said...

Inside Lacrosse named the top five finalists for the 2012 Tewaaraton Award and DU's Mark Matthews didn't make it.

His senior season will have to be judged largely on the results of Saturday night.