Denver Post Publisher Agrees: "CC Sucks"

(above) Chairman and Publisher of the Denver Post, William Dean Singleton mentioned that "CC Sucks" during DU's Commencement Cermonies last Friday
From: Denver Post Politics & Policy Blog

William Dean Singleton is chairman and publisher of The Denver Post.

He offered a good news/bad news scenario for the the roughly 800 University of Denver students receiving master’s or graduate-level diplomas last Friday.

He compared the current US Economic outlook to the the Colorado College hockey program.
"Many of you have taken on substantial loans in order to be seated here today. That the nation’s student loan debt now exceeds its credit card debt will come as little surprise to most, if not all, of you.

The job market — how should I put this? What’s the phrase you all use to describe Colorado College hockey teams? It Sucks?
I was going to say “rivals” – The job market rivals the worst this country has ever seen.
What “sucks” is the unholy mess my generation is presenting you with.
There’s a sign on my desk that is a simple formula for success, whether we’re talking your personal budget, business or government: It reads … “Remember, cash in must exceed cash out.” We should all live within in our means, and I’m afraid we haven’t held our politicians in Washington to that standard."


dggoddard said...

I agree with Singleton.

The US Economy has been terrible since 1957.

The Post better get ready for a slew of whiny hate mail from Colorado Springs.

Aluuum said...

acceregperenony2Hey guys, tonight is the Red Vest party at Magness. It's your chance to schmooze with all of the coaches. Have a couple of beers to "loosen up" and then corner Gwoz.and tell him how he can improve his power play or other sage advice. he always appreciates the help. If you are into LaCrosse you can corner that little fiesty Irishman Tierney and also give him some advice.I'm sure he would also be very receptive.
It's a fun time. Be there!

Anonymous said...

Singleton is my new hero!

timt89 said...

The college debt crisis is mostly a problem of choice. There are plenty of ways to get a good public education, secure loans and/or scholarships, or pay as you go. The mistake is the selection of a high cost private university and/or degrees that are not valued in the market place. I think parents need to be realistic with the colleges their kids select and make sure that their kids get a marketable degree. If some parents are willing to pay for this privilege of a high-cost education or a liberal arts degree (I have one!), then so be it.

I think the government should have a very limited role in funding, backing, or managing college loans. But as long as CC generates basket weavers, poetry majors, and medievil history degrees, the problem will persist.

Anonymous said...

Uh, CC grads do just fine.

There is a reason why CC's endowment is $500 million and ours is $350 million, even though they they are 1/5 our size in student body. Those are samrt kids there and they end up doing just fine in the job marketplace and giving back to their school.

Liberal arts degrees are not valued by the market for the first 10 years or so past graduation, but then the value of them kicks in where vocational majors have become obsolete and liberal arts degrees that teach you to read, write and think can make you very valuable for jobs that don't even exist yet.

I'd rather hire a good liberal arts grad who can think laterally. The techinical or buisiness knowledge can be taught to them later as a postgrad.

Anonymous said...

CC Sucks

Max Power said...

@ Anon 3:21

Yes but CC liberal artists can't multi-task. Their one class at time will limit them in the coming years.

Our future alien overlords will demand the ability to multi-task from us. One class at a time will not cut it for the spice weasel mines of Neptune.

All CC grads are good for is to become breeding/feeding stock for Lil Cheney.

Harumph said...


There is a spell check built into the comment box for the love of crumb cake.

One should at least take the time to proofread their rant before posting it, in my HUMBLE opinion.

Vocational degrees are obsolete?


Be back later!

Anonymous said...

@ Max...

Best. Comment. Ever.

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords....

Kent Brockman

Anonymous said...

Tool central....DG, how old are you...12?

Anonymous said...

I am officialy dumber after reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

6:53 - holy crap! I think you are "officialy" right!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tune into CBS Sports network this morning at 11:30am MT! ;-)