Denver Post: Air Force To Test DU Tonight

From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

Frank Serratore's infectious personality is just half of what has turned this weekend into college hockey's Colorado state championship. The guy can also coach, evidenced by his worldly — albeit underrated — exploits behind the Air Force hockey bench. 

Serratore, who has guided the Falcons to conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances in five of the past six years, has turned Front Range hockey into a three-headed monster. The Falcons are feared, which is why this weekend's mythical "state championship" is relevant [read rest of article].


dggoddard said...

CC took Air Force to the woodshed last night 6-2. DU will need to guard against overconfidence.

Trent Steele said...

Hopefully DU can keep up the offensive prowess they showed last night. Go DU.

Anonymous said...

Nice DU game puck on Ebay along with 2 CC pucks to use as melted rubber for a firestarter in case anybody is interested.