Chambers Blog Has Gold Pan News & Notes

Mike Chambers Blog has info about DU's goaltenders this weekend, a player suspension that seems to have no end in sight and a teaser about an article that will appear in the Post's Sports Section on Friday.
Bucky's 5th Quarter Blog has a detailed article breaking down the Wisconsin Badgers forecheck.  If you never played hockey, it will give you some interesting things to look for when watching Pioneer hockey games.
Longtime USCHO & LetsGoDU contributor Gene Lake [aka du78] will be attending the games this weekend.  Gene has lots of eyewitness Hurricane Sandy stories as well as an extensive knowledge of DU hockey history.  Gene was a student manager on Murray Armstrong's last teams at DU and as a Senior ushered in the Marshall Johnston Era at DU.
The Denver Post has an excellent article on DU's Women's Soccer coach Jeff Hooker. On Friday he'll lead the Pioneers into uncharted waters against #9 Maryland.  Check out the article.
DU's men's lacrosse team will host the Whitman's® Sampler® Mile High Classic. The Pioneers will face Notre Dame in a double header with defending National Champions Loyola playing Air Force at Mile High Stadium on March 16, 2013.  Last year's event drew 12,282 at Mile High Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Getting pumped for the games! Just a friendly reminder..CC SUCKS!!

Anonymous said...

The Bucky thing is definitely a good read - particularly if you'd like to better understand the tactical side of the game.

The one thing I'd quibble with is the characterization of the 1-1-3 as an "aggressive" forecheck.

It is not.

It's a variation of the weak side (or left wing) lock, which is the forecheck that Scotty Bowman "invented" when he was coaching the Red Wings. It was designed to keep the action in front of the defensemen, while still allowing them to pinch when appropriate; AND ensure that a good skating/puck handling defenseman that makes a well executed outlet pass cannot trap more than one forechecker down low, resulting in an odd-man break the other way.

Now, the 1-1-3 is not as passive as a 1-2-2 (which Wisconsin used to play), or a straight trap; but a 3-1-1 or the 2-1-2 (that DU generally plays) is typically far more aggressive than any variant of the 1-1-3.

(As an FYI, in addition to the 2-1-2, DU often rotates into a 1-1-3 weak side lock forecheck; particularly when the 3rd and 4th lines are out...)

dggoddard said...

Good info.

Thanks for posting.

D31 said...

I'm ready. Will be there for both games.



Anonymous said...

It's CC game day. We want Stormy, the 80s Banner and Bridesmaid Scotty.

How about the dead tiger, too?

dggoddard said...

Sounds like you want full "CC Sucks" coverage. :-)