Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Denver Post "Lunch Break" Features DU Hockey

(above) The Denver Post features an article about DU's remarkable 4-year WCHA "Sweepless Streak"
Each day the Denver Post Website features a sports commentary around lunchtime.  Today Mike Chambers looked into DU's remarkable streak of not being swept in a league series in four years.  No one seems to be able to confirm at this point if it's a league record, but rest assured, it almost certainly is.

DU's longest previous stretch was two years without being swept in the early Sixties.


dggoddard said...

Good coverage by the Post. :-)

Anonymous said...

While DU maybe hasn't lost both games of a series, there definitely have been some series where we only came away with a single point including twice last season. I guess a point is a point but one point weekends aren't all that special as it still means you lost the series. Just my two cents.

dggoddard said...

I guess we need to find out what the longest streaks are for other WCHA schools.

I'd be surprised if anyone can top two years.

Maybe CC in the Lucia era, Minnesota during Brooks, Sconnie during Badger Bob's days?

Tech back in the stone age?

Anonymous said...

Great, now we're probably jinxed.

dggoddard said...

Take your panties out of your wife's purse.

CC isn't going to sweep us.

mexico said...

Better call in Grandma Bella.

dubbie31 said...

Jinxed "Face Palm"

Anonymous said...

When Chambers (who is a great figure skater by the way) says fat chance at the end of the article is he referring to a certain larger du fan?

Anonymous said...

Our Captain Paul will refuse to let a sweep happen.

I heard that every sweep the Pioneers get, assistant student coach Wade Bennett comes in the locker room with a broom and sweeps the floor implicating a PIO SWEEP!

Also Josiah sings a sweep song in honor of his captain!