DU Hoops vs. CSU

DU Men's Basketball
Colorado State

7 PM - Tonight - Magness Arena

TV: Root Sports - Rocky Mountain

Denver Post Game Preview


Anonymous said...

DU shot only 29% and only lost by 7. Very frustrating game to watch.

If the Pios ever do regain their shooting touch to even 50%, they'll blow teams out.

Anonymous said...

The ratio of CSU to DU fans was at least 3:1. Sounded like a CSU home game.

Anonymous said...

That's not unusual. CSU is three times the size (undergrad) of DU and most of CSU's alumni live here in Denver. DU is on break and most of DU's undergrads don't live here.

timt89 said...

Mitch Hyder said it best. We need to have an annual tournament with CU, CSU, DU, Airforce and possibly UNC to grow D-1 basketball on the front range. All of the teams play in different conferences so it would benefit all the schools. It is a credit to Cal and CSU that they are willing to come to Magness to play us. Apparently, CU doesn't want to take the risk. No doubt they are the best team in the state but it would be good for them to support the programs in Colorado and play local teams, too.

DU is in good shape...just trouble hitting their shots. Better shooting vs. Cal and/or CSU and they would have won at least one of those games.