Springsteen Dons Coonskin Cap At Pepsi Center

(above) Bruce Springsteen sports the Pioneer/Boone look on Monday night
In his last show before Thanksgiving, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played the Pepsi Center in Denver on Monday night.

 Monday night's show began with a cover of Bob Seger's "Get Out of Denver" from his 1974 album "The Seven." Bruce had only played that song live one other time, opening the Sept. 23, 2003 show at Invesco Field at Mile High.

A fan threw a Coonskin cap on stage up early in the show as a way of requesting the song "Spirit of the Night." Later The Boss not only obliged but put the cap on his head while doing it [YouTube Video Clip].


dggoddard said...

This might be a good weekend for Coach Gwozdecky to break out the Bruce Springsteen story.

Anonymous said...

What a great night...

Bruce is the consummate rock-n-roll singer/songwriter; and, even at 66 years old, puts on a show with more energy than guys 1/2 his age can deliver.

The Boone hat was just the icing on the cake...plus, Spirit in the Night is an absolutely incredible song!

Dunker said...

Bruce questions: How long was show? Goddard, were you there? Did he do any Jersey stuff? (Atlantic City or some of the others)
His shows are the best. Boone hat must have sent it over the top!!

Anonymous said...

I was there.

Show was 3 hours.

Special moments included:
- Bishop Danced (only second time EVER played live)
- Across the Border Line (first time played live since 1973)
- My City of Ruins (dedicated to the Jersey Shore)
- Hungry Hart (increasingly rare to hear it played live of late)
- Human Touch (rare to hear Bruce play solo stuff when he's with the band)
- Get Outta Denver (Bob Seger cover opened the show)
- I'm a Rocker (Second song after Get Outta Denver - very rare to hear this played live)
- E-Street Shuffle (Gotta love the old stuff)
- Savin' Up (Dedicated to The Big Man)
- Spirit of the Night (Bruuuuce as Boooone!!!)

It was a spectacular show, all around.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Almost forgot.


dggoddard said...

I am up in Danny Doremus' hometown for Thanksgiving. Didn't attend the Springsteen show, but a regular LetGoDU commenter emailed me the photo.

Westword's Blog had a very detailed review of the show.


ScottA said...

Good Grief. I saw The Boss play at Mile High Stadium like 30 yrs ago. He's an icon, that's for sure. RIP Clarence.