Chambers Tweets Refute Shore WHL Departure

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du78 said...

Good job by Chambers in getting to the bottom of this.

dggoddard said...

Good national publicity for Quentin.

NHL Scouts will probably take an extra look at him in upcoming weeks based on this little incident.

Nincompoop said...

I can't imagine a Shore leaving DU like that. Sure, Drew left - but he was under contract with the Fort Lauderdale team. Little Q isn't ready for that yet. He's much more well off to stay in college, go through the draft, get picked up.... then maybe - MAYBE leave school early if his game improves and things pickup in the NHL. Wrenn made a fatal mistake in my opinion. He'll be playing for some Texas podunk team in the CHL, getting in fistfights 3 nights a week, wishing he had a colege degree in a few years, IMHO.