Twitter: Adam Murray To Start In Goal Tonight

(above) Mike Chambers of the Denver Post announced that Adam Murray will start for DU tonight


dggoddard said...

Gwozdecky sending message to the entire team before they go home for holiday with this move.

Season obviously will hanging in the balance over XMAS Break. Either come back with renewed vigor or we're down the toilet.

Either way Murray has a great winning percentage over the years, so we'll see if he can bring some magic tonight.

old pio said...

He's got a tough act to follow. Jussi's been extraordinary. Sammy, on the other hand, has been a disappointment. I've always felt Adam has been snake bit at DU and deserves better. Let's hope Mr. Hyde shows up tonight and leads 'em to a win.

Nincompoop said...

I have mixed emotions about this. That's a self-inflicted problem for George and his staff, when you knowingly carry 4 goalies on your roster. I mean - what were you thinking? They all can't sit forever; that's wasted roster space in my opinion. Face it people - right now, Olkinuora is Denver's #1 goalie. Who backs him up - TBD. And don't forget poor Zach... the proverbial waterboy

DU/CC Dad said...

Ugly tonight...BSU 5 DU 1. Hope we can get it together over the break..we have BU coming to town on the 29th!!!!