DU 5 - Cornell 1 FINAL

(above) Quentin Shore scored two goals against Cornell
As  turmoil swirled around the University of Denver hockey program this week, the players appeared not to notice as the Pioneers rolled to a 5-1 victory over Cornell University.

DU jumped out to an early lead, scored three power play goals and once again received another stellar effort from the Juho Olkinuora in the nets.

DU received goals from Ty Loney, Shawn Ostrow, Nick Shore and Quentin Shore scored twice.  David Makowski & Chris Knowlton had two assists each.

Scott Mayfield recieved a game misconduct for roughing & grabbing the facemask and was ejected with 5 seconds remaining in the game.  Since he did not receive a game disqualification, he will be back in the lineup tomorrow night.


Nincompoop said...

Rise and shine people.....wjc Gold Medal game is on live. Good luck Coach Lassonde!

Crazy L said...

Great win last night for DU. Juho looking larger and larger in that net and it sounds like he'll go again tonight. That pass made Knowlton made to send Ostrow in was a beauty. Tonight should be full of big hits and chippiness after the physical Friday game. Not sure I liked any of those passes back to the goalie!

Twister said...

Great win last night over a big, tough physical Cornell squad. I thought DU was a bit too passive early on, even with the lead, and was pushed around a bit. But the Pios largely kept their composure and pushed back, all while adding to their lead. Nice effort.

Guys like Mayfield, Didier, Tabrum and Larazza will be important again tonight as it should be another physical contest.

dggoddard said...

Look out below. Colorado College is in free-fall.

1-8-2 in the last 11 games.