Nebraska-Omaha 3 - Denver 2 OT FINAL

The University of Denver hockey team's overtime woes continued on Saturday night at Magness Arena.  The University of Nebraska Omaha rallied in overtime to record a 3-2 victory.

Daniel Doremus and Joey LaLeggia scored for DU.


Twister said...

I did not see any of the game last night, but it's almost mind-boggling that DU, in eight games this season, has 4 losses in OT. Bizarre and disappointing.

Should be very interesting against CC next weekend. I believe they have sputtered out of the gate at 1-5. If DU can earn a sweep and get back to .500, it would be huge.

Albatross80208 said...

DU blows another lead. Love LaLeggia's scoring but it might be nice if he played even a little bit of defense. Not coughing it up for breakaways would be a start. And Joey, when you screw up, go apologize to the goalie. Skating off with the forwards is just bad form.

old pio said...

IMO, Leggs isn't the only or even principal problem with this team. And calling him out as if he were is uncalled for.

Albatross80208 said...

Because he leads the team in goals? He's also second in penalty minutes, -2 in plus/minus and leads in giveaways leading to the opposing teams scoring opportunities. His play is a good example of what's wrong with this team. His all about me attitude is what Jimmy needs to address.

old pio said...

You don't the first thing about his attitude. But I've got a pretty good idea about yours, big mouth.

miller said...

As usual, Old Pio nails it. No need to be Monday morning quarterbacks, let's leave that to Monty and the coaching staff. I think we all knew that this was going to be a transition year, heck it maybe two or three years. We are spoiled with winning seasons but let's take a collective deep breath

Albatross80208 said...

Why is that Miller? Why is this supposed to be a crappy season with more to come? Monty inherited an elite hockey program. A winning hockey program. A program that won back to back national championships, a program that consistently made it to the NCAA playoffs with winning seasons. That wasn't good enough so Monty was brought in with one goal - win it all. Time for Monty to get the job done or get out of the way.

Charles Dorison said...

Albatross who have fired Dean Smith and Coach K. after their starts at UNC and Duke respectively.

dggoddard said...

We already had the Coach K of college hockey. DU fired him to save a few bucks.

timt89 said...

With all the negativity, I thought I would mention some positives:
1.You know you are winning the argument when people unjustly label you a racist.
2. It’s CC Week
3. Chris Bach manages the opinion section of the Clarion (Future USG President – PLEASE)
4. We don’t live in Omaha
5. DU continues to willingly accept payment of tuition from Non-indiginous parents
6. We don’t live in Grand Forks
7. With the resolution of Syrian WMD, the current DU Administration is closer to midnight than the Doomsday clock
8. 3-2 scores are an intentional tribute from this year’s squad to acknowledge the alcohol content of the beer drunk by the 68 championship team
9. Fat Amy is not OUR daughter
10. ‘If you like your mascot, you can keep your mascot’

Albatross80208 said...

Talk about outing a kid:

Old Pio

Did you read what Monty said about Romig? Reading between the lines coach said the kid's got the tools, now if he's not a p*ssy he could really contribute.