LAX Hardware on Display

Next time you are in Magness arena, check out the Lacrosse display for the 2014-2015 National Champs. Wes Berg's jersey is prominently displayed along with the NCAA D-1 Championship trophy, What an accomplishment!

Blog Note: With a few changes to the cabinet, there is room for an additional trophy or two. 

Photo compliments of Tim Healy


Anonymous said...

The red jersey isn't Berg's. The 55 jersey was worn by rarely-used player Todd Fedyck. Berg wore 14.

Good display.

5BWest said...

Astute Pioneer and right you are. I checked Google images for Berg before posting and there was a #55 - but not his. it didn't look right and wasn't. They probably used Todd's jersey because it was clean! But, both are champions nonetheless.

5BWest said...

Ahh, Berg is #55 with the Outlaws. I knew he was wearing #55 - but the wrong uniform!

Anonymous said...

Nice display. It is weird to say, but that lacrosse championship was about as meaningful of a win as the hockey championships in 04 and 05. I should say that it's a step below the 04 hockey championship, for various reasons. But the lacrosse championship was the real deal for DU fans. Pretty awesome experience watching that go down, especially the two absolutely thrilling OT wins against Notre Dame in the regular season and in the national semis. Doesn't get much better than that.