Chamber's Blog Reveals "Grassy Knoll" Video Link

This week Mike Chamber's Blog reveals a "secret" YouTube video link of "The Assault At Possum Hollow."

Chambers noted, "The YouTube video shot by an amateur, shows referee Marco Hunt do nothing after Radke takes ownership of Vossberg. Hunt was seemingly within five feet of the fight, but just watched." (rest of story & "secret video" UND doesn't want you to see)


Anonymous said...

Marco Hunt- another waste of a human being WCHA ref. He just sat back when Vossberg was on the ice. Worthless piece of you-know what.

Chris said...

It's not Hunt's job to jump in and break up a fight. He's supposed to stay outside the fracas so he can view everything that happens. It's the linesmen's job to jump in and break up fights once they go down to the ice.

dggoddard said...

Keeping in mind that DU alum Bill Masterton died in an NHL game when his head hit the ice, this was a potentially dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...

masterton 'fell/pushed/checked' from a standing position. Until vossberg was in a defenseless state, I think the risk of head injury was minimal. Radke was not trying to slamm his head into the ice... he was just going with right crosses to the temple (while pulling vossbergs head towards him). If I saw two fists of shoulder pads and a slamming motion... I'd react differently, and I think Hunt would too.

I agree with gwoz that once dominance is established, the fight should stop. Radke proved his manhood, Vossberg was vulnerable... But these are kids and haven't been taught that unwritten rule yet. Heck Gwoz still hasn't taught his team about when should the 3rd man go in (Brookwell).

Personally, much like pro hockey... this fracas had its roots much earlier in the period, and possibly even in the previous game....

And mannino... I've looked at the vids... and as far as I can tell, he's off the ice right after he swipes at finley with the glove... IF that is the case... Thats the most cowardly thing done during this whole fracas.

dggoddard said...

Mannino was obviously heading towards the UND locker room to go after Lamoreaux. :-)

Anonymous said...

12:26.....are you a comedian?? Good jokes in your post.

You're saying a goalie swiping his padded glove at someone is more cowardly than pounding on a helmetless guy flat on the ice with bare fists? What school of hockey did you go to???? You cannot seriously believe that. You even admit Radke was wrong to keep punching when Vossberg is down. College players know and understand the code. These are 18-22 year old kids, most of whom have been playing hockey since they stopped pissing in their pants. 3rd man in...everyone knows it's a no-no. Give college kids some credit--they know a lot more than you think.

Your only valid point was the refs should have Testuwide pummel Radke early on. That could have prevented some of this BS.

I don't think most fans are against fighting. Hell, I love hockey fights. They are against punching guys when they are flat on the ice. What don't Sioux fans understand about this?? Why is this so confusing??? You sure as hell know that if some DU kid pounded on a Sioux player while he was flat on the ice the Sioux fans would want this kid strung up by his nuts. I have no problem if Radke and Vossberg drop gloves and Vossberg gets smoked while he's on his feet. I wouldn't like it, but that's part of the game. But this whaling on a guy when he's down is horse****. That's what this DU fan is irritated about....not the act of fighting.

UND Fan in MPLS said...

Like the Gopher incident this will be endlessly analyzed by both sides. Interestingly enough, both sides will claim a violation of the "hockey code." Making this item even less likely to ever be settled amongst fans is the curious fact that both are probably correct.

While I have never seen the "hockey code" spelled out in plain words I do have a suspicion that it involves these two rules:
(1) You do not hit someone who is down on the ice; and (2) if you get into a fight with a visor or a cage it comes off with the other guy's visor or cage.

As you can see both rules have probably been violated here. One wrong does not equal another and I suspect that the hitting whilst on the ice will probably carry more penalty by the WCHA.

That being said, George is clearly grandstanding for actions against UND - why wouldnt he they are a league opponent who is clearly better than DU right now. His team was at much at fault as UND for that second period scrum and Finely is being needlessly targeted in this fracas (its not like he isn't targeted already).

It will be interesting to see how the WCHA acts.