LetsGoDU To Continue Coverage Of Frozen Four

The season may be over for the Pioneers, but LetsGoDU will continue to cover our future recruits in their playoff games, Denver based Frozen Four events and hockey news that relates to DU for the next several weeks.

LetsGoDU has many stories from the Madison Regional that need to be told, but will have to be cleared by our Quality Control Coordinator and our crack legal team in Denver.

As the Hobey Baker Committee awards college hockey's highest honor, simultaneously we'll announce its lowest; the 2008 Bad Boy of the Year. In the next two weeks we'll recap the candidates and allow you to comment and vote on their exploits. Unlike the Hobey Baker winner, college hockey fans will decide the "winner."

We have a new Banner and within weeks a our new look will be completed by the boys at Envie Media. If we're going to pretend to cover the Pioneers, we need to look like we know what the heck we're doing.

So stay tuned, lets us know what you think and as always thanks for reading and contributing your comments.


Anonymous said...

Even though we lost Madison was a lot of fun. What our small DU contingent lacked in size we made up for that in spirt and off ice activities

See you at the Frozen Four

vizoroo said...

Did your toga draped bod make the TV broadcast or will you being posting photos of the DU contingent

Anonymous said...

It has been fun reading your blog this past season. Keep up the good work. As a lifelong Cub's fan, I always remember that "there is always next year" and DU will be even better next season. Hope everyone will enjoy the FF in a couple of weeks - I know that I will even if my favorite team is not in it.

achsdu17 said...

The one thing that concerns me next season is the goaltending but that will make things more interesting and I can't wait to down the new Pioneer jersey I got.

Since the Pios are out now I'll sell my Frozen Four tickets. I'll still be there though cuz I'll be working it.

Anonymous said...

I am going to come to your blog for F4 news, etc because the Denver Post and Rocky will give it page 13, tucked under a Viagra add. Tell Chambers to put his stuff directly onto this blog and forget the Post. You are the F4 source!

dggoddard said...

Say what you will about the Viagra ads, but they obviously know that after DU's tragic loss past weekend Viagra is the only way to keep our mind off the loss. :-)