CC Protests World Arena Becoming Boonetown

Colorado College hockey coach Scott Owens protested to the WCHA yesterday that World Arena would become "Boonetown" on Friday night.

Owens noted that, "Boonetown does not reflect the broad diversity of the World Arena college hockey audience. We're trying to build a diverse and inclusive hockey fanbase as a fundamental element of excellence. The last thing we need is a bunch of rabid DU fans coming down here and upsetting the apple cart on Friday night."

His protest to the WCHA was based on Friday night's game becoming a "home" game for the University of Denver with so many cheering fans coming down to Colorado Springs.


Anonymous said...


GIVE ME A BREEEEEEAK. oooooh a little DU too scary for your parents only crowd?

achsdu17 said...


Anonymous said...

Owens noted that, "Boonetown does not reflect the broad diversity

Gee who does this sound like?

LetsGoMavs said...

You guys don't bitch when he comes to Magness looking like Ron Jeremy, so he should back off on your Boone deal! :)

Is there any place more liberal than CS? I'm guessing people really won't care, as it's "their right to speak their mind" and all that.

I would love to go to a DU/CC game at World Arena. I bet it's insane! I love the World Arena (sorry!).

LetsGoMavs said...

Also, do you think Owens has a problem with Boone or is he just mad that his own crowd gets taken over by the DU fans? Most players and coaches love a loud and excited atmosphere...even if it's not all "their" fans. Just seems like an odd stance he's taking.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to a CC vs DU game you would know that DU fans never take over an arena. When most visiting teams go to DU they take over the DU arena. It really is one of most quite arena's around.