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(above) Yale shocked the University of North Dakota hockey team yesterday

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has an article in Sunday's paper about DU's late season slide.
The Yale Bulldogs, a third seed, jumped to a three-goal lead after two periods and survived the third period to win 3-2 at the Northeast Regional in Worcester’s DCU Center.
DU's TV play-by-play announcer Dan Kelly is adding pro soccer to his resume: He'll be calling televised games for the MLS Chicago Fire this season. Kelly just finished his second season announcing for University of Denver hockey games. Without a doubt Kelly is the best TV announer in college hockey. He was formerly the voice of the St. Louis Blues.
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Aluuum said...

D.G. Thsi blog is the primary reason for the success of the Denver Boone movement. It's the daily motivator that keeps us going and the glue that keeps us together. We all owe you a beer.
Now if each of us buys you a beer when we see you -that's a whole lot of burping.

Anonymous said...

Not happy to see another WCHA team lose in the tourney. Go WCHA! Go Wisconsin!

paultd said...

glad to see those cocky sioux fans silenced. unbearable

Anonymous said...

DG -- I'm watching local fox news tonight. They're doing an interview with Marc Cheverie. The Chevy says he's graduating early this year. Does that mean he's moving on??? What are we gonna do?

dggoddard said...

As I understand it, Cheverie will be an NHL Free Agent this summer. He will be able to sign with any team since he was drafyed in 2006.

Its a similar situation to Blake Wheeler, when he became a Free Agent and signed with the Bruins after being drafted by the Coyotes.

If Cheverie leaves, Sam Brittain will take his place. Brittain is considered to be one of thye top 6 goaltenders eligible for the NHL draft and the only one of the six to play college hockey.

msbdu said...

What are the chances Murray goes to UAA. If he does, does he have to sit out a year?

dggoddard said...

If Chevy leaves, Murray likely stays at DU. "The Murray Rumor" is just something posted on the UAA Fan Blog Comment Section, so its just speculation at this point. Perhaps his family checked into UAA during the season as his playing time dwindled at DU.

Hockey players who leave university usually have three options, play Major Juniors in Canada, transfer to another school and sit out a season or play in the USHL for a year to showcase their talent and then go to another college.

If Murray were to leave DU, Option #3 is most likely.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, all it takes is one unhinged UAA fan to start a stupid rumor and you guys take it as gospel.

Then, you take a report from a slightly better source (Boston Globe) and run with a Colborne rumor.

The Colborne rumor has been discussed on almost all Bruins-related boards and blogs. A lot of people around the Bruins don't seem to actually believe this rumor. The Globe is an alright read, though not reliable; the Boston Herald is a more boring read but is more reliable, with still no mention of the "Colborne Rumor".

Stupid rumors are, well, just that -- STUPID RUMORS. Give it a break! Even if these rumors are 'fact', OH WELL. Let me pass on a bit of wisdom from my middle school gym teacher: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER....

pessimisticfan said...

Bruins' may sign recent first-rounders
Boston Bruins Top Email

The Boston Bruins 2009 first-round pick Jordan Caron, who plays for Rouyn-Noranda (QMJHL), is expected to turn pro very soon. And the Boston Globe writes that the winger could soon join the Bruins AHL affiliate, Providence, which would have him ready for training camp next season.

Also, Joe Colborne -- currently at the University of Denver -- is also expected to turn pro. He was the Bruins first-rounder in 2008, and the center could also contribute next season.

If both make the NHL club, then the Bruins will have three recent first-rounders on the roster next year, since they're expected to draft Tyler Seguin, Taylor Hall or Cam Fowler with a top-three pick in the upcoming draft.

dggoddard said...

Its the offseason. Not much else to talk about...

Two facts.

Boston's GM & Ottawa's GM were at the game on Friday. They weren't visiting Albany for the weather.

msbdu said...

I for one like to see a little passion in both the coaches and the team. Owens looks like he is sleep walking. BTW, DU had 19 WCHA All Academic Team selections. I believe that is more than the junior college in the Springs had.

Anonymous said...

I will be pulling for Miami because of the Blassi connection.

Anonymous said...

The ND fans are strangely silent. Just as they lost to Yale ...BC wouls have put up about 10 on them.

Anonymous said...

UND lost to the 9th ranked team in pairwise. DU lost to the 25th. Not much else to say.